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Incapacity Procedures



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         When the MEU has made a decision, the entire Incapacity medical packet (including the MEU decision sheet and all medical/mental records) will be returned by US mail to the local DHS office for archiving.


         If the Incapacity case was denied by MEU and the applicant disagrees with the MEU decision, he/she should be helped to file an appeal. Bulletin 12, FA-08-28


         Once an MEU decision is made on the case, MEU staff will mail, directly to the applicant, a copy of the MEU Decision Sheet with an MEU Cover letter stating that a DHS decision has been made. The MEU Cover letter instructs the applicant to contact the local DHS caseworker for any questions.


         If MEU approved the incapacity, thirty (30) days PRIOR to the end of the approval period, the caseworker will:


-       Contact the applicant to come the DHS office for an interview

-       Complete new Medical/Social (ACCENT) Information screens with updated information;

-       Complete a new MEU Information Checklist form;

-       Include 10 new HIPAA release forms (signed & dated);

-       Give the applicant a new HIPAA Privacy notice; and

-       Mail the newly complete Incapacity medical packet (including all previous medical/mental records with the decision sheets) to the MEU




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