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Verification is primarily the responsibility of the caretaker except when the information is already known to the Department or when it is more reasonable for the caseworker to obtain the needed information.For example, RSDI or SSI information is available on Clearinghouse.Therefore, it would be more reasonable for the caseworker to obtain this information.


The following are acceptable verifications of incapacity determination established by receipt of disability benefits:


        Information from Clearinghouse that verification that the RSDI and/or SSI are based on disability or blindness.


        Written verification that the individual receives RSDI, SSI, VA or Black Lung based on disability or blindness, such as an award letter.


        When incapacity is determined by the MEU, the following verifying documents must be obtained.


-      Hospital admission and discharge summaries.


-      Treatment summaries from the individualís treating physicians for the past two years.


-      Any other pertinent medical information for the past two years.





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