Black Belt Program Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is there a cost to me or my agency to participate?
    • There is no cost to enroll as a member of the BBP, and most of the activities can be completed at no cost. However, some of the activities may involve a fee, such as taking a TGL Alumni Leadership module or attending a professional conference. In those cases, it is your responsibility to either pay the fee or obtain your employer’s consent to pay the cost.
  2. How do I "test" to move from one level to another?
    • Simply keep up with the activities you complete to earn your next belt using the BBLP on-line tracking system, located at The BBP Committee will notify participants of upcoming review dates to ensure adequate time to complete all entries. Reviews will be conducted at least twice annually, in the spring and fall. The primary requirement to move from one belt to another is to complete the number of points for each prior belt level.
  3. Do past activities count?
    • In most cases, the activity must be completed after your enrollment in the BBP. Example: You served on a community volunteer board two years ago, but joined the BBP this year. You cannot count that service toward your current BBP participation. The only exceptions are previous completion of a DOHR-sponsored state-wide or agency-specific leadership development program, and Lean, Six Sigma, or 4DX team leader certification, regardless of when it occurred. These can be claimed as points earned toward your yellow or later belts. For example, completing one leadership development program earns you the White Belt. Any second (or third) leadership development program you have completed in the past will add relevant points immediately toward your Yellow Belt when entered in the on-line activity tracker. Any programs completed during your BBP participation will be eligible, as well.
  4. What is my time commitment? How long will it take to earn my black belt? Can I take longer if I need or want to?
    • If you are a White Belt, you must progress to the next level (Yellow) within 24 months of enrolling in the BBP program. You may take as much or as little time as you would like to complete the succeeding belt levels. If you pursue the program aggressively, you might expect to earn your Black Belt in approximately three years.
  5. How is the program maintained/administered?
    • The program was developed by the Vision Committee of the inaugural TGL Council in 2013, and is administered by members of the current TGLC, the BBP subcommittee, and the Commissioner and State Chief Learning Officer of DOHR. Contact information for the current TGLC members and the State Chief Learning Officer can be found on-line at