Prescription Drug Overdose (PDO)

There are many things patients can do to avoid prescription drug overdose.

The misuse and abuse of prescription drugs, along with the associated morbidity and mortality, has been identified as one of the most serious and costly issues facing Tennesseans today. Tennessee, located in the mid-south and bordered by 8 states, is geographically and culturally situated in the middle of the national prescription drug overdose (PDO) epidemic. In 2015, TN had the tenth highest drug overdose mortality rate in the US, most of which was due to prescription drugs. Opioid use is disproportionately high in the northeastern (Appalachian) region of the state, while heroin use in highest in the southwestern (Memphis) area, reflecting disparities for both geographic and racial/ethnic segments of the population.

  • Who We Are

    This program is designed to combat the prescription drug overdose epidemic.  

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  • Facts & Figures

    Reports, county data briefs, and other publications.

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  • Data Dashboard

    This interactive tool contains state, regional, and county level data on fatal overdoses, nonfatal overdoses and drug prescribing.  

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  • Drug Overdose Reporting

    The goal of Drug Overdose Reporting is to collect and use timely information to identifying high risk behavior and to provide current, accurate information to clinicians caring for patients at risk.

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  • Population Analytics

    We use data analytics to inform program and policy about opioid use, misuse, and abuse to improve the health of Tennesseans.

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  • Resources

    Essential tools and resources for the community, providers, legislators that can be useful.

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