Board of Veterinary Medical Examiners


Current through May 31, 2016

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Public Chapter 819

Public Chapter 819, as enacted, revises various provisions of the Tennessee Veterinary Practice Act as follows:

  • specifies that the entrance must be directly on a public street or other area which adjoins the establishment
  • redefines "retail establishment" to include companion animal retail facilities that primarily sell goods in the categories of companion animal nutrition, food, supplies, and behavioral products
  • specifies that the "practice of veterinary medicine" occurs wherever the patient is at the time services are rendered. 
  • authorizes the board of veterinary medical examiners to deny, suspend or revoke any license or to otherwise discipline an applicant or licensee who is found guilty by the board of practicing veterinary medicine without establishing and maintaining a valid veterinarian-client-patient relationship.
  • grants immunity from civil or criminal liability to veterinary wellness committee members, employees, and agents engaging in the performance of any duties on behalf of the committee or participating in any administrative or judicial proceeding resulting from their participation on the committee.
  • defines a "veterinary wellness committee" as any committee, board, commission or other entity established by any state-wide or local veterinary medical association for the purpose of providing immediate and continuing help to veterinary professionals licensed to practice and students of veterinary medicine or technology, certified animal euthanasia technicians, and employees of veterinary practices in this state who suffer from physical or mental conditions that result from disease, disorder, trauma, or age and that impair their ability to perform their duties in veterinary medicine with reasonable skill and safety 

This act became effective July 1, 2016.