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    We are a group of GIS users in the Tennessee Department of Health. Currently our GIS group consists of epidemiologists, statisticians. Anyone in TDH can join our GIS group. GIS users play an important role in TDH. GIS display of data. The GIS user group will be meeting once a month.
  • USFWS is offering a Free GIS training in Cookeville in May, seating was first come first serve.

    ArcGIS Training some free and some for pay:


    Geocoding Cookbook

    This geocoding cookbook is meant to serve as a guide for everyday use and provides additional listed resources.

    The purpose of geocoding is to assign geographical coordinates to address data in order to display those data as points on a map. Geocoding is the process of geo-referencing a street address to a location on an electronic map.

    Current uses include determining geographic distribution of diseases; analyzing spatial and temporal trends; mapping populations at risk; stratifying risk factors; assessing resource allocation; planning and targeting interventions; and monitoring diseases and interventions over time.

    Geocoding Cookbook: A Guide to Creating a Point So You Can Make a Point

    Other Resources
    Epi Info 7
    ArcGIS Explorer
  • We are GIS Users group meet monthly and anyone may come, So please join us if you can.

    Meeting Schedule

    April 26 10:00 a.m. CEDEP Conference Room

    Meeting Minutes

    April 26,2013