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State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management

Post Date:
  May 22, 2013
Submittal Deadline:
  June 7, 2013

If you are interested in the project described below:
1. Review the Designer Selection Process.
2. Register with the Office of the State Architect. All Designer's must be registered and updated annually
    in December.  Click on Register and choose the option "Update My Registration" and follow the
    directions to review and update.
3. Download the instructions included in the Designer Letter of Interest.
4. Complete the document specifically for the project in which you have interest.
5. All dates with no time listed shall be constructed to mean midnight CST/CDT.
6. Attach the completed Designer Letter of Interest Form to the appropriate email link.

User Agency:
  Department of Education
Project Title:
  Tennessee School for the Deaf New High School and Infrastructure Upgrades
    Tennessee School for the Deaf
Project Location:
  Knoxville, Tennessee
Project MACC
Project Contact:
  Greg Steck
    (615) 253-2160
Project Overview: 

The current high school at the Tennessee School for the Deaf (TSD) is comprised of four buildings dating from 1924 through 1965. These buildings are obsolete, inefficient, and do not meet current ADA, LSC, and NFPA codes. These facilities do not foster a healthy, conducive, and productive learning environment by today’s standards for the deaf or hearing impaired. Therefore this project will consist of the design and construction of a new high school facility located in the heart of the existing historic campus where demolition of an existing building, significant mass grading & drainage improvements, utility infrastructure upgrades and associated work shall be required to provide a new state of the art facility for the students, faculty and staff.

The Tennessee School for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired offers individualized and comprehensive educational programs with the goal of this project to provide a total learning environment in a facility that utilizes state of the art curricula, materials, and methods for preparing deaf and hearing-impaired students for adult life.

This new high school complex will include the design and construction of a new high school building comprised of an administration, kitchen and dining hall, media center, classrooms and vocational center (Career & Technical Education – CTE) that shall meet the specific needs of the deaf and hearing impaired and/or dual-diagnoses.

Other project initiatives include:

  • Demolition of Poore Hall and selective facility abatement
  • Removal of selected outdated and defective utility infrastructure components and systems and replace with new fully functioning infrastructure that will integrate new and old systems providing an efficient utility infrastructure for the new high school and campus. This may include but not be limited to electrical, plumbing, storm water, and data/communications infrastructure systems.
  • Design and installation of a storm water pollution prevention system that will comply with Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation requirements and address storm water runoff for related water shed basins on the campus.
  • Construction of a service road and expansion and reconfiguration of existing parking lot(s)
  • The project shall require significant grading and drainage improvements where the work may be prioritized as project funds are available to address storm water runoff basins on the campus.
  • High performance building considerations as developed by the Office of the State Architect will be implemented for this project.
  • BIM is anticipated as the method to be utilized in the preparation of construction documents. This will be based on standards developed by the Office of the State Architect.
  • Design the facility to attain LEED Silver or better.
  • Design to conform to fit within the context of existing campus historic buildings i.e. Ward Building and the existing gymnasium.
Special Design or Submission Requirements:  

The State recognizes that a school for the deaf and hearing impaired present’s unique challenges in providing a conducive learning environment for the students we serve. To address these challenges the design team must have specific, current, and relevant experience in the design of Schools for the Deaf and Hearing Impaired. The design team must have a comprehensive understanding of the student culture, learning process, visual and acoustical environment, hearing aids, cochlear implants, mechanical and lighting systems and materials that may enhance or facilitate the student’s ability to optimally function in the new high school and on the campus.

Anticipated SBC Approval Date:
  July 22, 2013
Anticipated Designer Notice to Proceed (NTP) Date:
  September 11, 2013
Anticipated Project Bid Date:
  March 27, 2015

             Design or       
       Requirements:   Designer Letter of Interest                             

Please fill out the Letter of Interest and click HERE to submit the document.