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State of Tennessee Real Estate Asset Management Division


Building safety is important and is continually monitored. To be in compliance with the "Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1972," the State of Tennessee strives to furnish to each of its employees a place of employment free from recognized hazards likely to cause death or serious injury.

Tenant Support Services

The goal of Tenant Support Services is to efficiently and effectively operate, manage and maintain all facilities assigned to the State's Facilities Revolving Fund in a manner that will ensure a comfortable, safe, and secure working environment for State occupants and their visitors and to protect the State's investments in property assets. Services include the following: technical support through in-house staff and consultant contracts; design, bidding and coordination of maintenance and tenant requested projects; capital budget preparation and submittal; administration of special projects as assigned by the Commissioner of General Services.

    • UPDATE: As of July 1, 2013, the work order process is now submitted via the Facility Help Desk on the Facilities Management tab of the STREAM Intranet site.

Energy Dashboard

Saving Energy

STREAM Energy Management & Sustainability Group
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The mission of the STREAM Energy Management & Sustainability Group is to increase the operating efficiency of equipment and systems in State buildings in order to protect and preserve state assets, improve occupant safety and welfare, and save the state money. The Energy Group accomplishes our mission thru defining and implementing annual energy conservation goals and life-cycle-cost-analysis of renewable energy options. We also develop and implement utility cost data, consumption data and energy management programs. The Energy Group directly oversees the office and warehouse space within the Facility Revolving Fund (FRF); which provides operational funding for maintenance, repair, and total housing needs for the entire state with the exception of deemed institutional spaces. FRF is approximately 1/10 of the entire State portfolio comprised of Higher Education, Tennessee Board of Regions (TBR), Corrections, State Parks, Military and General Government. The current FRF portfolio consists of 154 State Owned Facilities populating an area of about 7.3 msf.

FRF State Owned Buildings Energy Consumption and Savings Overview

Total reduction and total savings for FRF State owned facilities for FY14

Andrew Johnson

Davy Crockett Tower

Citizens Plaza

John Sevier

WRS Tennessee Tower

Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy (TLETA)

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