Statewide Contract Detail

Last Updated 6/18/2014

SWC No.:TRI1 Title:TRICOR/Local Governments ONLY
Contract Period From: 9/10/2010 To: 1/1/2099
Contract Administrator and Phone: Gregory S Polak (615) 741-1039

Vendor Name and Address Contract Details
State of Tennessee Contract No:0000000000000000000023052
240 Great Circle Rd Ste 310
Nashville TN 37228-1734
Vendor Contact:
Contact Phone:
Contact Email:

Contract Items and Services for SWC #TRI1
Unless specified elsewhere, ship to: Statewide

SWC Contract No. Line No. Item ID
Unit Unit Price Vndr Item ID MFG Id MFG Item ID NIGP Code

TRI1 0000000000000000000023052 1
FOR USE BY LOCAL GOVERNMENT (County & City) ONLY. Please contact TRICOR directly for additional information by calling 615-741-5705 and 1-800-958-7426
EA $0.00 670-64