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Guides and Resources for College

The Importance of College

The Importance of College (CollegeforTN.org handout)
Why Go to College? (Federal Student Aid handout)
Benefits of College (Federal Student Aid infographic)


Preparing for College

NEW Guide to Host A College Planning Night (guide for educators and counselors
College Preparation Checklist (Federal Student Aid guide)
Interest Profiler (CollegeforTN.org tool; sign-in required)
ACT Test Preparation (CollegeforTN.org tool)
Resume Building Worksheet (CollegeforTN.org worksheet)
College Fair Tips (CollegeforTN.org handout)


Exploring Schools and Degrees

Types of College Degrees (CollegeforTN.org handout)
Types of Higher Education Institutions (CollegeforTN.org handout)
Choosing a College (CollegeforTN.org handout)
College Comparison Worksheet (CollegeforTN.org worksheet)
Explore Tennessee Colleges and Universities (CollegeforTN.org tool)
Explore Majors and Programs (CollegeforTN.org tool)


Applying to College

12th Grade College Application Timeline (CollegeforTN.org handout)
College Application Process Worksheet (CollegeforTN.org and Oasis College Connection worksheet)
Parts of a College Application (CollegeforTN.org handout)
Now That I've Applied, What's Next? (CollegeforTN.org handout)


The Financial Aid Process

CollegePaysTN Student and Parent Resources
Federal Student Aid at a Glance (Federal Student Aid handout)
Funding Your Education (Federal Student Aid handout)
The Financial Aid Process (Federal Student Aid infographic)
Federal Student Aid Financial Aid Glossary



Getting Started with CollegeforTN.org (handout or poster)
CollegeforTN.org for Students (handout)
CollegeforTN.org for Parents (handout)


Worksheets for Educators

CollegeforTN.org for Educators (handout)
Federal Student Aid Toolkit Fact Sheet (Federal Student Aid handout)
How to Host a Financial Aid Event (Federal Student Aid handout)