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Benefits Administration

Life Insurance — State Plan Only

Basic Group Term Life and Accidental Death Insurance
The state provides, at no cost to employees, $20,000 of basic term life and $40,000 of basic accidental death coverage. For employees who elect health coverage, the amount of coverage increases as the employee's salary increases, with premiums for coverage above $20,000/$40,000 deducted from the employee's paycheck. The maximum amount of coverage is $50,000 for term life and $100,000 for accidental death and dismemberment. The face amount of coverage declines at ages above 65.

Eligible dependents (spouse and children) of employees enrolled in health coverage are covered for $3,000 of basic dependent term life coverage. Dependents (spouse and children) are eligible for basic accidental insurance, with the amounts of coverage based on salary and family composition.

Contact your agency benefits coordinator to determine your monthly premium.

Optional Accidental Death Insurance
This optional coverage is available on a contributory basis for employees and dependents (spouse and children) and is in addition to the basic accidental death coverage. Benefits will be paid for dismemberment if the loss occurs within 90 days of the accident, provided the employee or dependent was covered on the date of the accident and meets the established criteria. Coverage is available at low group rates; no questions asked.

Optional Term Life Insurance
This program is available on a contributory basis for employees and dependents (spouse and children) whether or not they participate in health coverage. For employee guaranteed-issue coverage, the employee must enroll during the first full month of employment with the state. If optional life coverage is not elected at that time, an employee may only enroll during the annual enrollment period by presenting evidence of insurability through a health questionnaire. An application for spouse coverage may be submitted; however, issuance of coverage will be contingent upon review of health questions by the vendor. A child term rider may be added to the employee or spouse certificate without any health questions. Premiums are based on age and the amount of coverage requested.

Additional Enrollment Information
Please see the Publications section of this website to view a comparison of covered services and a detailed member handbook. Enrollment applications are available on the Forms Page.