Wellness Program

You don't have to be in the Partnership Promise PPO or Promise  HealthSavings CDHP to take advantage of the tools, information and support you need to take charge of your health and feel your best.

The ParTNers for Health Wellness Program is FREE to all state group insurance program members and eligible spouses and dependents. Everybody — including you — can take steps to improve their health. Even small steps can add up to make a big difference!

Healthways administers the wellness program. This program is an optional benefit for plan members not enrolled in the Partnership Promise PPO and Promise HealthSavings CDHP.

Wellness Resources

  • An online questionnaire is available to help you learn more about your health and identify any potential risks. Log in to your online Well-Being Account and complete the Well-Being Assessment (WBA) at any time to learn more about your health. (Partnership Promise PPO and Promise HealthSavings CDHP members must complete the WBA as part of the Partnership Promise)
  • Health coaching offers professional support to create and meet goals to improve your health. Call Healthways at 888.741.3390 to talk to a health coach.
  • The nurse advice line gives you medical information and support 24/7 at no cost to you. Call 888.741.3390 to speak to a nurse.
  • Quarterly wellness challenges offer a fun way to help members develop a healthier lifestyle while providing group support. Log in to your Well-Being Account to join an online wellness challenge.
  • Weight Watchers at Work discounts and fitness center discounts offer affordable ways for members to improve their health.
  • Additional wellness and fitness discounts are available through the ParTNers for Health Wellness Program and Employee Assistance Program (EAP) services. Our carriers BlueCross BlueShield and Cigna also offer fitness and other discounts for health insurance plan members.