Insurance Premiums for 2017

Health Insurance Premiums

Health insurance premium information is provided for all three plans (state, local education and local government) for active employees, retirees and COBRA participants. Just select your category from the listing below. In most cases this information represents total premium for basic medical only. For local education and local government, the premium amounts reflect the total premium prior to any employer contribution. Each agency has a benefits coordinator trained to assist employees in their insurance needs. This individual can provide specific premium information including employer contribution rates and employee deductions.

State Plan


Local Education Plan

Local Government Plan *


* Please note, there are three different premium levels for health coverage in the local government plan. The rate is determined by a survey form completed by the new agency. For additional information, please email Holly Girgies.

Life Insurance Premiums — State Plan Only

The state provides, at no cost to the employee, $20,000 of basic term life and $40,000 of basic accidental death coverage. If you enroll in health coverage, the amount of coverage increases as your salary increases, with premiums for coverage above $20,000/$40,000 deducted from your paycheck.

Medicare Supplement — The Tennessee Plan

Medicare supplement coverage is available to retirees entitled to Medicare. The state provides premium support to retired state employees and school teachers with 15 or more years of service.

Other Insurance Coverages

The following coverages are voluntary benefits with the full cost of the premium being the responsibility of the participant. Local education and local government employees are eligible for coverage if your agency chooses to offer it. Check with your agency benefits coordinator to determine if you are eligible.

2018 Premiums

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