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Office of the State Architect


  • The Office of the State Architect provides staff support to the functioning of the State Building Commission (SBC) whose responsibility is oversight of all building construction & renovation, demolition, and land and lease transactions for State government. The State Architect, who is selected by the SBC, serves as its Chief Staff Officer and is responsible for implementing its By-laws, Policy and Procedures.


New OSA BIM Standards now posted on OSA website 

This is a “living document” and will evolve with the BIM industry and be updated as needed. The current version will always be posted on the OSA website.

Designer Selection process revised  (link to document)

The new process for projects of all sizes is now available for use. As the AIA Board of Directors commented in its support for the new version “ the process has been further clarified, focused and simplified.” We hope you too will find it an improvement.

Design-Build One Delivery Method now available for use only in certain limited applications  (link to document)

The Quality in Construction (QIC) Design-Build Focus Group worked with the State to develop a mutually agreeable policy. The following is an excerpt from this new policy which is now posted in its entirety on the OSA website.

Design-Build One (“DB-1”) is a delivery method that may be used for projects where the resulting construction work does not result in a substantial or material change to the facility or to its use. While all projects influence the Health, Safety and Welfare (“HSW”) of the public, a project utilizing this DB-1 method does not directly affect the HSW, and the required design work is secondary or incidental to successfully completing the project, such as maintenance type projects, equipment replacement projects, and/or limited improvements following the guidelines for the requirements of using registrants found in the latest edition of the Tennessee Board of Architects and Engineers Examiners Reference Manual, Appendix C, entitled “Seal Exemption Clarification,” and relating to T.C.A., Section 62-2-102(b).  Additionally, design services shall not be considered to be incidental or secondary where any statute, rule, or regulation requires the design to be submitted prior to construction for review to any agency, board, or commission possessing the ability to modify or alter the design intent.

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QIC Task Force  (agenda)
August 12, 2015 
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2612 Westwood Drive, Nashville TN 37204