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Edison - A Bright Idea for State Government

Edison Help Desk

help desk

615-741-HELP or 1-866-376-0104

The Edison Help Desk is available for level 1 Edison support. What does level 1 support mean? The Edison Help Desk can provide assistance with basic problems or questions as well as password reset assistance. Any problems or questions that are above a basic level are sent via the Edison Help Desk to the Edison Functional Teams. What is the difference? The Edison Help Desk has basic level knowledge on all modules of Edison. The Functional Teams are responsible for a specific module and have expert knowledge on that module.

Before calling the Edison Help Desk, check the Edison Help Desk Info box in the middle of the Resources tab within Edison. This box gives you common questions that have been asked of the Help Desk as well as other helpful information you may need prior to calling the Edison Help Desk.

The Edison Help Desk hours of operation are 7:00 AM to 4:30 PM, Central Time, Monday through Friday, excluding all State Holidays.