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Edison - A Bright Idea for State Government

The Benefits of an ERP system

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Streamlined Processes

A lot of time can be wasted entering the same data into different systems. Currently, a department might have to enter identical information into TOPS, STARS, a service-delivery system, and an Excel spreadsheet. The goal of Edison is that information will only need to be entered once. This leads to fewer errors, increased efficiency, and time and money saved for an agency. The system also makes the approval process more efficient by allowing electronic workflows, signatures and approvals. In other words, when a worker in your Memphis branch office completes a task, you´ll know immediately and be able to approve the work just as quickly.

More Effective Decision Making

An ERP system gives managers access to real-time data, allowing them to make decisions based on the most current information. Edisonás integration will also help to make information consistent across functional units. For example, the names of employees and vendors will appear the same way throughout the system because the information is only entered once. The system will also allow users to plan for how an action in one functional area will affect another area, helping agencies to spend their always-tight budgets more wisely.

Opportunity to Reevaluate Business Processes

Many of our current business processes serve the State well. Many do not. Itás likely that State employees at every level have experienced a process that just doesnát seem to make sense – the procedure that no one seems to know the reason for, other than that itás been done that way for as long as anyone can remember. Edison will allow the State to take advantage of best practices available to government organizations, and give managers the opportunity to eliminate some of the processes that have outlived their usefulness. The result will be more efficient and effective service delivery.