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Useful Tools

There are some useful tools on EPA’s website and that of other state agencies. These consist of publications that were developed by those agencies to assist with UST compliance. Please use them for reference purposes. Please also be aware that states may have different requirements and if you have questions about whether a certain required record or action applies in Tennessee, contact the Tennessee Division of Underground Storage Tanks to find out. The links below will redirect you out of the TDEC website directly to the pages referenced.

When you see blue underlined text, this should be a clickable link that will take you directly to the web information. If the blue underlined text does not open the desired site when clicked, please copy it directly and paste into your browser window.

EPA Self-Evaluation Compliance Checklist

This is a plain language, user-friendly basic checklist for evaluating compliance with most operational requirements for USTs. It is available in 3 formats (HTML, PDF, WordPerfect 6.1) by clicking on the link to the EPA website below. Although this checklist is not any guarantee your site will be in full compliance when an inspector visits, it is a good guideline for the kinds of things an inspector looks for during an inspection. It would be a good tool for any tank owner to use to self-evaluate a site before an on-site compliance inspection.

Operating and Maintaining Underground Storage Tank Systems:

Practical Help and Checklists (EPA, August 2000)
This 50-page manual contains brief summaries of the federal UST requirements for operation and maintenance (O&M), as well as practical help that goes beyond the requirements. Checklists prompt the user to look closely at what kinds of equipment are in use and how to keep that equipment working properly over the lifetime of the UST system. The manual provides record keeping forms that also help the UST owner and operator keep equipment operating properly. Owners and operators of underground storage tank (UST) systems will find this manual contains checklists and information that will help them properly operate and maintain their USTs. The manual and its checklists can be used to help educate UST owners and operators and encourage their compliance with UST requirements.

Musts for USTs: A Summary of the Federal Regulations for Underground Storage Tank Systems (EPA)

This 40-page booklet summarizes Federal UST requirements for installation, release detection, spill, overfill, and corrosion protection, corrective action, closure, reporting and recordkeeping. This is a valuable summary of information for any tank owner and page references used in the Self-Evaluation Checklist are from this publication. The connection between these publications allows a tank owner to read more information regarding compliance areas of interest. Once again, this is available in several formats from the EPA website at:

UST Operation and Maintenance Manual (Alaska)

This is an example of how one state took the EPA Operating and Maintaining Underground Storage Tank Systems Manual and adapted it for their state. It provides excellent information and expands somewhat on the EPA publication, but some of the requirements contained in it are specific to Alaska, so if you use it be sure to check with Tennessee Division of Underground Storage Tanks before relying on it solely for regulatory guidance. Find it on Alaska’s website at: