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Inspection Information


Preparing for a Compliance Inspection

Facility Inspection Form (CN-0983) - This will let you know the kinds of things division inspectors look for and records you will be expected to have.

Operational Records Audits

The Division occasionally conducts a type of inspection called an operational records audit. An inspector may choose to do an operational records audit if the facility has had a previous site visit, the owner has remained the same and there have been no changes to the system since the site visit was done. In an operational records audit, the inspector will send the tank owner a letter with an attachment outlining what records and/or documentation the tank owner must submit and by when. Once these records are received they will be evaluated. After the inspector has evaluated the records, the tank owner is sent a letter describing the results of the evaluation. If the inspector’s evaluation does not reveal any violations, a letter will be sent with that information. If more information is needed, the inspector will request additional information. If the records do not appear complete, indicate problems or possible problems or cannot be provided, the inspector may schedule a site visit to the facility. The decision regarding using operational records audits rest with the inspector. They may elect to do a site visit in lieu of an operational records audit.