Small Business Environmental Assistance

The Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) provides assistance to help Tennessee small businesses understand and comply with environmental regulations. It is important to note the following about SBEAP assistance:

  • Non-Regulatory – SBEAP staff are not regulators and do not have regulatory authority. Therefore, small businesses will not be penalized for reporting relevant environmental information to SBEAP staff when requesting assistance.
  • Confidential – While the SBEAP serves as a liaison between the regulatory agencies and small businesses, no details about the company working with SBEAP is provided to regulators, as the information is protected under the Clean Air Act.
  • Assistance – SBEAP develops outreach opportunities and materials – training programs, brochures, webinars, site visits – to help small businesses under the state and federal environmental regulations that affect them.   
  • Multi-Media – While most of the assistance provided is related to air regulations, staff also provides assistance related to water and land regulations.

The SBEAP provides assistance to businesses that contact them directly, to businesses referred to them by regulatory inspectors or permit writers, and to businesses the SBEAP identifies may be impacted by a new EPA or state regulation.  Generally, we define a small business as any business that does not employ a full-time staff member for environmental compliance or oversight.

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