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Air Permit Application Forms

Non-Title V Application Forms

Form Description Number Form Instructions
Facility Identification CN-0730 (APC 100) PDF PDF
Emission Point CN-0742 (APC 101) PDF PDF
Process or Fuel Burning Source CN-0741 (APC 102) PDF PDF
Incinerator Source CN-0743 (APC 103) PDF PDF
Storage Tank CN-0744 (APC 104) PDF PDF
Degreaser CN-0745 (APC 105) PDF PDF
Oven Source CN-0746 (APC 106) PDF PDF
Surface Coating CN-0747 (APC 107) PDF PDF
Asphalt Plant Source CN-0748 (APC 108) PDF PDF
Rock Crushing Source CN-0735 (APC 109) PDF PDF
Dry Cleaner Source CN-1277 (APC 110) PDF PDF
Concrete Batch Plant Source CN-0749 (APC 111) PDF PDF
Coal Preparation Source CN-0750 (APC 112) PDF PDF
Cyclone CN-0751 (APC 113) PDF PDF
Gasoline Dispensing Facility CN-1001 (APC 114) PDF PDF
Proposed Schedule of Corrective Action CN-1052 (APC 115) PDF N/A
Cotton Gin Description CN-1396 (APC 116) PDF N/A
Asbestos Notification CN-1055 PDF N/A
Asbestos Waste Shipment Record CN-1054 PDF N/A


Title V Application Forms

Form Description Number Form Instructions
Index of Air Pollution Control Forms CN-1397 (APC INDEX) PDF N/A
Facility Identification Form CN-1398 (APC 1) PDF PDF
Operations and Flow Diagrams CN-1399 (APC 2) PDF PDF
Stack Identification CN-1400 (APC 3) PDF PDF
Fuel Burning Non-Process Equipment CN-1401 (APC 4) PDF PDF
Stationary Gas Turbine or Internal Combustion Engine CN-1402 (APC 5) PDF PDF
Storage Tanks CN-1403 (APC 6) PDF PDF
Inceneration CN-1404 (APC 7) PDF PDF
Printing Operations CN-1405 (APC 8) PDF PDF
Painting and Coating Operations CN-1406 (APC 9) PDF PDF
Miscellaneous Processes CN-1407 (APC 10) PDF PDF
Control Equipment - Miscellaneous CN-1408 (APC 11) PDF PDF
Control Equipment - Adsorbers CN-1409 (APC 13) PDF PDF
Control Equipment - Catalytic or Thermal Oxidation CN-1410 (APC 14) PDF PDF
Control Equipment - Cyclones / Settling Chambers CN-1411 (APC 15) PDF PDF
Control Equipment - Wet Collection Systems CN-1412 (APC 17) PDF PDF
Control Equipment - Baghouses / Fabric Filters CN-1413 (APC 18) PDF PDF
Compliance Certification - Monitoring and Reporting Description of Methods Used for Determining Compliance CN-1414 (APC 19) PDF PDF
Compliance Demonstration by Continuous Emissions Monitoring CN-1415 (APC 20) PDF PDF
Compliance Demonstration by Portable Monitors CN-1416 (APC 21) PDF PDF
Compliance Demonstration by Monitoring Control System Parameters or Operating Parameters of a Process CN-1417 (APC 22) PDF PDF
Compliance Demonstration by Monitoring Maintenaince Procedures CN-1418 (APC 23) PDF PDF
Compliance Demonstration by Stack Testing CN-1419 (APC 24) PDF PDF
Compliance Demonstration by Fuel Sampling and Analysis CN-1420 (APC 25) PDF PDF
Compliance Demonstration by Recordkeeping CN-1421 (APC 26) PDF PDF
Compliance Demonstration by Other Method(s) CN-1422 (APC 27) PDF PDF
Emissions from Process Emission Source / Fuel Burning / Installation / Incinerator CN-1423 (APC 28) PDF PDF
Emission Summary for the Sources Contained in this Application CN-1424 (APC 29) PDF PDF
Current Emissions Requirements and Status CN-1425 (APC 30) PDF PDF
Compliance Plan and Compliance Certification CN-1426 (APC 31) PDF PDF
Air Monitoring Network CN-1427 (APC 32) PDF N/A
Stage I and Stage II Vapor Recovery CN-1428 (APC 33) PDF PDF
Open Burning CN-1429 (APC 34) PDF N/A
Application Completeness Check List CN-1430 (APC 35) PDF N/A