Wolf River Watershed

(08010210) of the Mississippi River Basin

The Wolf River Watershed is located in Tennessee and Mississippi. The Tennessee portion of the Wolf River Watershed (68.5% of the entire watershed) includes parts of Fayette, Hardeman, and Shelby Counties. It drains approximately 819 square miles, 561 square miles of which are in Tennessee, and empties to the Mississippi River Watershed.

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Public Engagement


On Thursday, April 21, 2016.....TDEC joined together with the Wolf River Conservancy, Buckman, St. George's Independent School and many other partners at St. George's Collierville Campus. Groups shared with citizens all the work that they do to protect and improve the Wolf River Watershed and talked about how to get involved!

Partners: The Wolf River Conservancy, St. George's School, Buckman, the US Army Corps of Engineers, Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency, the City of Bartlet,Tennessee Department of Transportation, Tennessee Native Plant Society, the City of Collierville, the City of Lakeland, the City of Germantown, Ensafe, the University of Memphis, City of Memphis Stormwater, Tennessee Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Memphis Light, Gas and Water!

Wolf River Water Quality Management Plan (2005)

  • Chapter 1 - Watershed Approach to Water Quality
  • Chapter 2 - Description of the Wolf River Watershed
  • Chapter 3 - Water Quality Assessment of the Wolf River Watershed
  • Chapter 4 - Point and Nonpoint Source Characterization of the Wolf River Watershed
  • Chapter 5 - Water Quality Partnerships in the Wolf River Watershed
  • Chapter 6 - Future Plans

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EPA Approved Total Maximum Daily Loads (TMDL) in the Wolf River Watershed

TMDL for E. coli (08/13/2007)

TMDL for chlordane and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) (12/13/2007)

TMDL for dioxins (07/08/2011)

TMDL for metals (05/30/2013)