Waste Reduction Grants

Division of Solid Waste Management

Eligible Applicants:  

Tennessee counties, cites, solid waste authorities and organizations which have been determined to be tax exempt nonprofit recycling organizations by the Internal Revenue Service may apply for grants under T.C.A. §68-211-825. This also includes the Recycling Rebate counties/cities. 

Eligible Projects:

Funds can be used to purchase containers, balers, crushers, sorter, densifiers, and grinders. Collection trucks with a gross vehicle weight rating of 10,000 pounds or higher will be considered. Construction, expansion and improvements of waste reduction facilities will also be considered. There are three priorities for this grant: 

  • Applicants that employ developmentally disabled individuals, as defined in T.C.A. §33-1-101 (10). 
  • Applicants that develop public/private partnerships. 
  • Applicants demonstrate that the proposed equipment or facility will build lasting capacity in their program to support the Region’s Solid Waste Plan and the State 2015-2025 Solid Waste and Material Management Plan Objectives

Funding & Matching Requirements: 

The Department has allocated $1,000,000 for this offering for FY 2015-2016. No Grants shall exceed $200,000. A local match of 10 to 50 percent is required based on an economic index that includes factors such as per capita income and property values in the jurisdiction to be served. 

To obtain applications, please contact Loretta Harrington at (615) 532-0086 or Solid.Waste@tn.gov.