Recycling Rebate

Division of Solid Waste Management

Eligible Applicants:

The five most populous counties according to the annual census released in April by the United States Census Bureau and their cities that manage solid waste are eligible for the Recycling Rebate. Rebates may be used for a variety of recycling purposes such as establishing new programs or collection sites; preparing recovered materials for transport and marketing; identifying markets for recovered materials; and developing educational programs for adults and children to help them understand solid waste issues, management options, costs and the value of waste reduction and recycling efforts. If a local government provides collection or disposal services (TCA §68-211-825 (b)(2), recycling rebates for the amounts shown in the below table are offered.*

Top Five most populous counties and municipalities eligible for rebate


Belle Meade $548
Berry Hill $100
Forest Hills $919
Goodlettsville $1,995
Oak Hill $857                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Chattanooga $32,211
Collegedale $1,960
East Ridge $3,878
Lakesite $340
Red Bank $2,147
Ridgeside $77
Soddy Daisy $2,402
Walden $376


Knoxville $33,798


Murfreesboro $23,004


Arlington $2,120
Bartlett $10,685
Collierville $8,913
Germantown $7,158
Lakeland $2,290
Memphis $119,617
Millington $2,011


Eligible Projects: 

A local match equal to the rebate amount must be expended by the eligible local government.  Recycling rebates may be used to assist these local governments in their achievement of their 25% waste reduction and diversion goal and should be limited in scope to recycling programs and projects. 

Funding & Matching Requirements:

The Department has allocated $500,000 for recycling rebates for Fiscal Year 2017-18. Rebate recipients are required to provide a dollar-for-dollar match for funds requested.  Matching costs will be documented at the time of reimbursement of eligible costs. Each county’s allocation of funding shall be proportional to the population of each county. Municipalities that manage solid waste within the five counties shall be offered a proportionate share of their county’s rebate on a per capita basis.

A local government may elect to not receive the rebate or may elect to have rebate funds assigned to the county, another city, solid waste authority, or non-profit recycler.  The State must be notified in writing of the local government’s intent to receive, assign, or waive funding opportunity by October 2, 2017. If a city designated to receive a recycling rebate does not submit the appropriate rebate application by October 2, 2017, the rebate funds will automatically be assigned to the county. If a county designated to receive a recycling rebate does not provide the appropriate rebate application by October 2, 2017, the allocated rebate funds for that county will automatically revert back to the Solid Waste Management Fund.

The allocation of funds in accordance with the amended T.C.A. §68-211-825 (b) is as follows:

Rebate =                   (Total Population of County)                            X         100% of State Funds Allocated for Recycling Equipment Grants
               (Total Population of Five Most Populous Counties)

Funding is distributed to each eligible rebate recipient based on a prorated per capita share.

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