TNReady: Math and ELA

Beginning in the 2015-16 school year, TNReady will become the state’s new and improved TCAP test for English language arts and math in grades 3-11. It will provide us with more and better information about our students’ progress. The new TNReady TCAP tests are designed to assess true student understanding and not just basic memorization and test-taking skills. TNReady will measure student understanding of our current state standards in English language arts and math, not the previous SPIs.


Parent Guide to Being  TNReady

School Guide to Being TNReady

English Language Arts Standards

Mathematics Standards

Why TNReady?

TNReady will provide students, teachers, and parents with more and better information about each student’s progress and achievement in the classroom.

Just as we take our children to the doctor for their annual check-ups, TNReady offers parents, students, and teachers with a new and improved academic check-up each year to make sure all students are moving forward and are track to graduate from high school and be successful in college or the workplace.

TNReady is more than just a new TCAP. It is a new way to assess what our students know and what we can do to help them succeed in the future.

How will TNReady work?

We know that in college, technical schools, and in most jobs, communication is done electronically – it is the way of our world. We must prepare students for their future and that will require comfort with technology. So TNReady will be taken online. The online test will be more engaging, and it will better match students’ individual needs.

In reading and writing – students will read from texts and provide written responses to support their answers. In math – students will solve multi-step problems, many without using a calculator, to show what they know. Much like teachers already do in their classrooms, TNReady will give students a variety of new ways to show what they can do.

How will TNReady help students and teachers succeed?

While the best preparation for TNReady will be strong instruction every day, we know that teachers need additional tools to prepare for the upcoming school year. Students, parents and teachers will have early and free access to online TNReady practice tools to ensure students are ready for the types of test questions that will appear on the assessment.

Local schools and school systems will also have greater flexibility in scheduling TNReady tests to better help students prepare and to minimize interference with teaching and learning in classrooms. Still, with any new test – and especially one that moves beyond just the traditional multiple-choice tests to assess what students really know and can do – first-year test scores will drop when compared to the current TCAP assessment, as students and teachers rise to new expectations. Tennesseans have proven that students and teachers respond quickly to higher expectations and new assessments. We expect first year results from TNReady to set a new baseline to measure rapid progress in the years to come.

What do parents need to know about TNReady?

We know that many parents have questions about the 2015-16 school year. In order to answer those questions and share information to help you prepare your family for the months ahead, we’ve designed a  Parent Guide to TNReady to walk you through changes to the state’s math and English language arts TCAP tests during the 2015-16 school year. Please feel free to print or share this document with family, friends, and colleagues. This guide shares details about when your child will take the TCAP, when you will see their results, what digital tools will be available to every student, and what the test will actually look like.

Check out our parents page for even more information. If you have additional questions after reading the guide, please speak with your child’s teacher or email