TNReady: Math and ELA

TNReady is Tennessee’s new and improved TCAP test for English language arts and math in grades 3-11, and it replaces the old TCAP tests for those subjects starting in the 2015-16 school year. The TNReady TCAP will provide all of us – educators, parents, and students – with better information about our students’ progress toward college and career readiness.

Annual assessments serve as a crucial academic check-up to make sure all students are moving forward. TNReady is designed to assess true student understanding and problem-solving abilities, not just basic memorization skills. Parents and teachers have told us that these are the critical-thinking abilities they want our children to have in order to be successful, lifelong learners. The new test will also be online, which is another important step we are taking to prepare our children for the real-world demands of their futures.

TNReady will be a major transition – the most significant change in our state testing since 1983. While it is absolutely essential to the overall and long-term growth of our students, these changes will likely bring challenges – as well as opportunities to learn. To help prepare, this website contains a variety of information and resources. There are two main sections:

The guide for educators and schools page provides resources to support superintendents, principals, teachers, and test coordinators. This includes:

  • Information about general test topics like timing, logistics, administration, and results, including scoring and evaluation
  • Communications resources to share with families
  • Blueprints that outline exactly what content will be covered in Part 1 and what will be assessed in Part 2
  • Accommodations and accessibility resources for all students and for those with disabilities
  • Options for English Learners
  • Calculator guidance
  • Teacher FAQs, including guidance on not covering up walls, proctoring exams, and utilizing accommodations, as well as specific details for math and English language arts educators 

The parents page includes materials that can help families prepare, such as a parent guide, checklist, sample test questions, practice tools, and information about results and timing, as well as links to more information about testing time, accommodations, and accessibility resources.