Read to be Ready Coaching Network

Read to be Ready

Tennessee has made tremendous gains in student achievement over the past decade. Tennessee’s performance on the National Assessment of Education Progress (NAEP) has risen to a level where the goal of becoming one of the top 25 states in the nation is within reach. In the past few years, student results on the Tennessee Comprehensive Assessment Program (TCAP) have improved in grades 3–8 math, grades 3–8 science, high school math, high school science, and high school English. However, elementary reading remains a challenge. On these same assessment measures, results in grades 3-6 English language arts have stagnated or declined, with fewer than half of Tennessee students meeting grade level benchmarks.

Fortunately, with high expectations and effective instruction, students in grades K–3 can become proficient readers who think critically about texts, who write and speak with understanding, and who love to read. Improving reading instruction in grades K–3 is a valuable investment and prepares students for a future of academic, personal, and professional success.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Read to be Ready Coaching Network?

The Read to be Ready Coaching Network is a new state-district partnership that focuses on improving K-3 reading instruction. Each region will have at least one department reading coach consultant who will provide training to district-chosen literacy coaches. These coaches, known as District Read to be Ready coaches, will be provided with training that will equip them with deep knowledge of reading instruction so they can more effectively lead reading professional learning opportunities for teachers in their district. District Read to be Ready coaches will also meet at least once a month and have the opportunity to share resources and discuss best practices. By working together, we will create a continuous learning network in Tennessee.

Why should my district choose to become a part of the Read to be Ready Coaching Network?

In Tennessee, fewer than half of students in grades 3-6 meet grade level benchmarks for English language arts, but we believe we can change this by partnering with you. Research studies show that a positive and significant correlation exists between teachers who receive reading coaching and their students’ achievement gains. Furthermore, school and district reading coaches are able to provide the kind of ongoing, job-embedded professional support that is needed for continuous learning and sustained application for the teachers in your district.