ImpactTN is an online dashboard for teachers and administrators that enables them to have a cumulative look at a student’s academic performance and credits, as well as their attendance and discipline records. ImpactTN also contains general student information, such as parent contact information. The purpose is to serve as a one-stop-shop for educators to access real-time information about students in order to make decisions and provide support more efficiently.

Below are some key features of the ImpactTN dashboards for educators:

  • Multiple data views to enable teachers to see trends in a variety of ways
    • Classroom view enables educators to see students in the context of their classroom to determine if performance is unique to a group of students or a trend across their class
    • Subject area view enables educators to become familiar with classes strengths and weaknesses
    • Teachers can focus on all students or a specific group.
  • View data across the last four or eight weeks and the year to date
  • Intuitive display that will allow educators to easily identify potential issues and trends in order to quickly respond to needs
  • Status indicators so that educators can quickly see who is performing and who needs help meeting goals
  • Trend column shows who is showing improvements or declines in performance from prior periods

In order to access ImpactTN, educators must click the ImpactTN logo after logging into their personal Single Sign On (SSO) dashboard. If you do not have access to SSO, please contact your district's technology team.