Educator Licensing

The department works to issue licenses efficiently to Tennessee educators in compliance with Legislative Codes and State Board Rules and Regulations.

Now processing:

  • Initial In-state Licensing applications received the week of April 18, 2016
  • Initial Out of State Licensing applications received the week of April  11, 2016
  • Renewal and Advancement applications received the week of April  25, 2016

To help us process applications efficiently, please wait at least six weeks after submitting your application before contacting our office with any concerns.

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News & Notes

TNCompass Licensure Component

As of Feb. 2, individuals with active TNCompass accounts are now able to view limited licensure information. Please note that the licensure information in TNCompass does not yet serve as the official hub or educators' license information. The department will announce TNCompass enhancements and will provide notification when TNCompass contains the official records for educator licensing. To find the most accurate and official information, please continue to use the licensure data located through the public search feature. If you have questions, please contact

Educator Licensure Policy – Transition Procedures

Under the new educator licensure policy that went into effect Sept. 1, educators may only renew a license during the year immediately preceding the date of expiration. As we transition to the new licensure policy, we will begin accepting applications for conversion or advancement of licenses that expire in 2016 on March 1, 2016. Licenses will be converted to the Practitioner License or advanced to the 6-year Professional License.

Please see this document for more information about converting or advancing active licenses after March 1, 2016.

Please see this document for more information about reactivating an inactive license.

BAL License Conversion

By August 31, 2015, any educator who holds a Beginning Administrator License (BAL) must convert or advance the license to an Instructional Leader License (ILL). Read more about BAL conversion.

Licensure Changes in 2015

Beginning September 1, 2015, a new policy for licensure will go into effect. Read more about these policy changes. The policy is available on the State Board of Education web site, policy number 5.502.

End of Course Examination Changes for Integrated Math and Geometry

Algebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Integrated Math I, II, III will have End of Course exams beginning in 2015-16. Teachers of record who teach above Algebra I or Integrated Math I must carry a secondary mathematics endorsement.

Algebra I Employment Standards


Pursuant to TCA 49-6-6006 and State Board Policy, anyone listed as the teacher of record for a course above Algebra I or Integrated Math I must carry a secondary mathematics endorsement. Any teacher interested in teaching Algebra I or Integrated Math I at any grade level who does not currently hold a secondary mathematics endorsement must meet the State Board approved employment standard. This chiefly affects middle school teachers who are teaching Algebra 1 or Integrated Math I and special education teachers who are serving as the teacher of record. At the Oct. 31, 2014 meeting, the State Board of Education approved on final reading two additional options for educators to meet the requirements for eligibility; these changes will take effect spring 2015.

In order to teach Algebra I or Integrated Math I without a secondary mathematics endorsement, educators must pass the Middle School Mathematics Praxis (test 5169) AND must meet one of the following:

  1. Attend a state-approved training.  Additional training options have been approved.  For questions about specific trainings, interested educators should contact the person listed or review this attachment with detailed training information. - OR -
  2. Take and pass a supplemental test approved by the department. The department is in the process of reviewing and approving supplemental tests.
    1. College Board CLEP test: College Algebra ( Passing Score 60 )
    2. College Board CLEP test: College Mathematics ( Passing score 60)

In addition, the state board ruled that teachers with a level 5 TVAAS score in Algebra I (one-year, two-year, or three-year) in the 2011-12, 2012-13, 2013-14 school years do NOT need to take the training or pass the supplemental test. These educators must still pass the Middle School Mathematics Praxis (test 5169) to be eligible to teach Algebra I or Integrated Math I. The Tennessee Department of Education will send Directors of Schools a list of teachers whose TVAAS scores meet the employment standard in January 2015.

Look for more information to be communicated in the new year regarding changes to the employment standards.

Questions about the Employment Standard should be directed to Melissa Haun, coordinator of mathematics content and resources.

Call for Applications to Offer the Algebra I Employment Standards Training 

Recognizing there have not been enough training offerings to meet the demand, the department is accepting applications for additional state-approved trainings. Applications can come from districts, institutions of higher education or outside organizations. Download the criteria and application here. 

We are currently accepting applications for fall and winter training.

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