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Rules for Operation Sample




I. Officers

A. The officers of ________________________ Advisory Committee shall consist of a chairperson, a vice-chairperson, and a secretary. The secretary will be a member of the instructional staff and will be a nonvoting member of the committee.

B. Officers will be elected annually at the first fall meeting, will serve one year, and may be re-elected.

II. Subcommittees

A. The elected officers will constitute the executive committee. The executive committee will prepare an annual program of work for approval by the advisory committee and an agenda for each meeting.

B. Other subcommittees may be established by the advisory committee for specified functions. Subcommittees will report regularly to the advisory committee.

III. Membership

A. The committee will be composed of nine representatives of the ______________________ occupation.

B. Members will serve three-year terms with three members appointed each year.

C. Members may not be reappointed unless at least one year has elapsed after the end of a prior term.

D. Each member is asked to attend meetings or to resign if it becomes impossible to attend. Resignations should be presented in writing to the committee chairperson and instructional representative.

IV. Meetings

Regular meetings will be held at least quarterly. Meetings will be at the ___________________________ CTE office/ program unless otherwise specified.

V. Recommendations

The secretary will prepare minutes of each meeting and send them promptly to members, instructional staff of the ________________________ program, and ___________________.

School personnel will decide the action to be taken on recommendations and notify committee members of the decision.