K-2 Assessment Information

The K-2 assessment (formerly known as SAT 10) is an optional test that districts can choose to use. The test measures basic reading and math skills. It is a norm-referenced assessment designed to measure individual student achievement compared to national norms. The K-2 assessment provides a benchmark of how students perform on the foundational skills required for success in future grades.

More than 100 Tennessee school districts decided to participate in the K-2 assessment during its first two years of operation, which resulted in important new student performance information.

Focus Clusters are the Tennessee standards which correspond to some of the most important topics and skills for students to master in each of the early grades.

Please visit TNCore.org for more information on the K-2 Focus Clusters.

More information is available in the K-2 Assessment FAQ.

Tips from Tennessee Teachers

Instructional coach Felicia Bates gives tips on analyzing K-2 assessment data

Second grade teacher Melissa Collins talks about using the K-2 assessment to plan

Last Update: August 14, 2014