Grade 2 Accessibility and Accommodations

Tennessee is committed to providing an assessment that best measures student mastery of the rigorous Tennessee State Standards. Tennessee’s approach to assessment is rooted in the knowledge that students are diverse and are capable of making progress toward grade-level expectations. Annual assessments are designed for all students using Universal Design for Learning principles, including those who have disabilities and English learners, and recognizing that the validity of assessment results depends on every participating student having appropriate access to the assessment.

This accessibility section was developed to support educators and parents in the selection and administration of allowable test administration considerations and accommodations for individual students with IEPs taking the regular assessment in order to produce valid assessment results.

The department is currently developing additional guidance for the operational Grade 2 assessment for students with a visual impairment that precludes them from accessing text or a hearing impairment that precludes them from the listening portion. Students with a visual impairment or a hearing impairment which precludes them from the test may be exempted from field test participation. The department is also working to develop guidance for students who require a human signer.

This section is not applicable to students who will participate in the Tennessee Alternate Grade 2 Assessment designed for students with significant cognitive disabilities. For guidance or information regarding alternate assessment, please visit the Alternate Assessment for Students with Significant Cognitive Disabilities site. IEP teams should discuss and determine participation and eligibility using the alternate assessment participation guidance included in the IEP.

Allowable Test Administration Conditions: Available to any student based on individual need

Students generally participate in assessments in their regular classroom and follow the standard test administration schedule for the grade and content area tested. Certain students may require testing at a different time or testing space as long as all requirements for testing conditions and test security are met.

The following administrative considerations regarding the timing, scheduling of assessments, and setting/locations for testing are available for any student.

Administrative Consideration Description
Small Group Testing Student is tested in a separate location with a small group of students with matching testing needs as appropriate. The maximum number of students allowed in a small group is 10.
Time of Day Student is testing during specific time of day based on their individual needs.
Separate or Alternate Location Student is tested in a location other than their originally scheduled testing classroom.
Specified Area or Setting Student is tested in a specialized area or setting (e.g., in front of the classroom, seat near the door, library, on homebound, etc.)
Adaptive and Specialized Equipment or Furniture Student is provided specialized equipment or furniture needed for successful testing environment (e.g., low lighting, adaptive seat).

Frequent Breaks

Guidance on logistics for administering the TCAP assessments with frequent breaks:

  1. Medical Breaks: Student takes a break due to existence or sudden onset of a temporary or long-term medical condition. Student’s testing time stops during a medical break.
  2. Individual Bathroom Break: Student requests a bathroom break within their overall allotted testing time. Student’s testing time does not stop.
  3. In-Chair Stretch Break: Student pauses and stretches. Student’s testing time does not stop.


Most accommodations are not applicable for any student. For example, calculators are not permissible for any student on the Grade 2 test. All text, with the exception of items designed to measure independent reading skills or mathematics items which cannot be read due to the nature of the item (e.g., place value), can be read aloud to any student who needs this accommodation.

Once the field test data are analyzed and additional input from districts and the appropriate stakeholders is gathered, additional information regarding accommodations for the Grade 2 operational test will be provided. The following accommodation is applicable for the field test:

Accommodation Description
Scribe/Transcription The student will indicate via their communication system the response to the test administrator who will then record the student’s response.  For the field test, the scribe may use appropriate spelling; however, the student must indicate correct capitalization, grammar, and punctuation.