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Tennessee Government Management Institute (TGMI)

Begun in 2000, the Tennessee Government Management Institute (TGMI) is the catalyst by which Tennessee and its managers are transformed into the best this nation has to offer. The Leaders of the State, the Department of Human Resources, and the University of Tennessee have formed an alliance that provides Tennessee managers with an environment of academic freedom, and commitment to excellence, in which to grow beyond all of their actual and perceived boundaries. TGMI is the beginning of developing a new attitude or the opportunity to stoke the fires of an already positive attitude. Over 90 percent of all graduates through 2006 have received promotions after participating in the program. The promotion rate and the impact of graduates after completing the program are evidence of the excellent job the participating departments and the Department of Human Resources have done in identifying Tennessee´s best and brightest.

This is not just another training program, not just another two weeks away from the office. TGMI feeds every manager´s passion for excellence. TGMI gives each participant a chance to grow and learn and give back to those who will benefit the most; employees, departments, and most importantly the citizens of the Great State of Tennessee.

This program feeds a passion for bigger and better, by transforming the good into the best. TGMI works to increase the vision and future outlook and output of graduates.

TGMI is the forum where Tennessee´s leaders can grow, develop, and expand their knowledge in career changing ways for the betterment of state government. Come, be one of the elite in state government and in all management.

Become one of the select few who are TRANSFORMING TENNESSEE!

History of the Program

In 1999, the Department of Human Resources determined mid-level managers should be given the opportunity to develop their leadership skills in a program similar to the Tennessee Government Executive Institute (TGEI). After almost a year of study, analysis, and discussion, a two-week, mid-level manager institute was created. It was included in the 2000 Statewide Strategic Plan with a stated mission: "To create opportunities for employees to achieve their highest potential." One of the strategies was to develop capable managers through the establishment of the Tennessee Government Management Institute (TGMI). During 2000, the Department of Human Resources staff worked in partnership with the University of Tennessee to develop a TGMI curriculum. In late 2000, the first graduates of the Institute formed a TGMI Alumni Network. A set of By-Laws was established, and a Steering Committee was created to oversee the Alumni Network. Since its inception thirteen TGMI classes have been held, graduating 402 participants from 40 departments and agencies of State Government. Today, the TGMI Alumni has participated in Community Service projects, Speaker´s Bureau, and given monetary gifts to selected charities. The Network´s mission remains the same, to share our leadership abilities with our peers, the citizen´s of the State, and each other.

Mission Statement:

Inspiring Tennessee´s managers toward dynamic leadership.

Value of the Program:

TGMI Alumni best describe the value of this program through their own testimonials.

The lessons learned in both TGMI & TGEI respectively cover the whole realm of what it means to be a leader, understand yourself and how others perceive you, and developing tools to improve your career. TGI collectively is a program that takes both potential and current leaders and improves them.

Randy Carroll, 2007

HR Director

Dept. of Education

It is an experience like non-other. It serves the attendees as much or more as the attendees serve the citizens of the state of Tennessee. This is a training that every supervisor, manager, director, assistant commissioner, commissioner, and deputy commissioner should experience. It is top notch in education, networking, job skills, and overall program. The best bang for the dollars and time. Given the chance, I would do it again and again. If TGEI and Lead TN are anything like TGMI, I hope to move forward and have those experiences in the near future.

Georganne Martin, 2007

Office of Inspector General

Finance & Administration

I found my experience unlike anything I have attended before. It was so uplifting; it gave me a proud feeling to be a part of the State employees. I have met so many great people through TGMI and hope I'll carry those friendships with me for a very long time. I am continually promoting the merits of this Institute with Commissioners and Directors and certainly among my peers. I use what I have learned to be a better Manager and build a network of knowledgeable associates. I expect to continue to learn and teach as I keep active with the Alumni group.

Marilou Cook, 2007

Digital Media Services, OIR

Finance and Administration

I am still enjoying my experience! TGMI is the single greatest highlight of my 21 years of experience working for the state of Tennessee. I am most proud of the relationships made and in the continuing value it has been to me as a professional state employee. It was and is an exhilarating and positively rewarding kind of experience, and one that has had a lasting positive effect on me. I think the proudest element of the experience led me to entertain the notion that through TGMI we can change the outmoded public perception that somehow working for the state is mediocre. TGMI is the best training you can get as a state management professional.

E. Ross White, 2006

Assistant Director

Consumer Affairs Division

Dept. of Commerce and Insurance

As a participant from the TGMI class of 2010, the best class ever, I would like to say that TGMI is one of the best learning experiences that I have had thus far in my career. TGMI taught me a great deal about myself and gave me the tools to become a more successful leader. I plan to use the tools to further my career with the State of Tennessee. It also connected me with other leaders from other departments and across the entire state that I could further build a relationship. I would recommend this experience to anyone who plans a career that involves leadership.

Victor Barnes, 2010

Field Management Director

Department of Human Services