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Winter 2014 - I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to serve you all as the Chair of TGMI for a year and a half. As I was told to expect, the time did fly by as your representative. ... more

Summer 2014 - I am so proud to be a TGMI alumnus and so very thankful to have been elected to Chair the TGMI Steering Committee. I´ve been given a first ever unique opportuni-ty to be Chair for a year and a half due to last year’s resignation of our past chair, and it has been a wonderful journey. ... more

Winter 2013 - I am writing this a few days after our annual Holiday Breakfast for TGMI and I am so encouraged and excited about the next year of opportunities. I have been given a unique opportunity to Chair the TGMI Steering Committee for a year and a half. ... more

June 2013 - The University of Tennessee recently announced that Dr. Macel Ely has been promoted to the position of Training Program Manager for the UT Municipal Technical Advisory Service (MTAS), a division of the Institute for Public Service. In his new capacity, Dr. Macel will lead all training for municipal governments and city employees attending training sponsored by MTAS. ... more

December 2012 - Brand new TGMI Mission Statement: Inspiring Tennessee’s managers toward dynamic leadership. Brand new TGMI Alumni Values Statement: As alumni of the Tennessee Government Management Institute, we value: Service ... more

June 2012 - Once again, I find myself in the unalienable position of writing some words of wisdom - I should have paid more attention in those two journalism electives I took in college. What makes it worse, is that I am following in the footsteps of two professional orators - both Jon Zirkle (Chair, 2010) and Ross White (Chair 2011) who could deliver an uplifting idea with the best. ... more

December 2011 - As your Chairman for 2011, I want to say that I have had a mountaintop experience in working with the best Steering Committee ever! It was the most rewarding and memorable experience for me since my entire Class of 2006, flew over the Great Smoky Mountain Chimney Tops in a Black Hawk helicopter. I especially want to thank each and every one on the Steering Committee, ... more

June 2011 - January 2011 ushered in not only the New Year but new leadership across state government. The Department of Human Resources welcomed new Commissioner Rebecca Hunter from Hamilton County, where she had been serving as the Director of Human Resources for six years. Prior to her six years of leadership in human resources, she served as the Director of Financial Management for the County for twelve years. ... more

December 2010 - Trish Pulley is Director of Organizational Development, Strategic Learning Solutions (SLS), a division of the Tennessee Department of Human Resources. Trish is responsible for directing statewide talent development strategies and organizational development initiatives, meeting the financial responsibilities of a fee-for-service division, and directing the daily activities of the SLS division. ... more

July 2010 - It is time for another TGMI newsletter and as usual there are some good things to report from the Chair position. First of all we have a great steering committee membership and lots of great volunteers for our subcommittees. ... more

April 2010 - Since beginning my trek with TGMI that started for me back in 2006, I was struck with the thought that we as state managers who share common goals, responsibilities and dreams to make our agencies the "best in Tennessee", ... more

December 2009 - Despite the hard economic conditions our great state is currently undergoing, we were extremely proud and honored that Commissioner Deborah Story and the folks at the Jimmy Naifeh Center for Effective Leadership, ... more

July 2009 - TGMI was created in 2000 for mid-level managers, with supervisory responsibilities, in state government. Each year, in two intensive weeks over a two-month period, TGMI provides ... more

December 2007 - On May 31, each member of the Class of 2007 Summer (The Best Class FOREVER) made his or her way to the BellSouth Tower for ... more

Fall 2007 - The Department of Personnel has announced the 2006 Class of TGMI. There are 31 members and they hail from 27 different departments. If you see the name of someone from your department on the list, ... more

June 2006 - The Department of Personnel has announced the 2006 Class of TGMI. There are 31 members and they hail from 27 different departments. If you see the name of someone from your department on the list ... more

December 2006 - The National Women Infants Children (WIC) Association is an organization that is a proactive voice that supports, inspires, and empowers the WIC community through creativity, teamwork, and leadership. Peggy T. Lewis of the TGMI Class of 2005 was ... more

October 2005 - Make plans to join us on October 25, 2005 for the TGI Fall Conference "Riding the Waves of Change." This years agenda includes guest speaker David Waits with the Waits Group, Stephanie Richardson from the Department of Finance and Administration, Commissioner Dave Goetz and closing with Governor Phil Bredesen. ... more

June 2005 - The TGMI Class of 2005 was officially welcomed by the TGMI family at the BellSouth Tower for orientation on May 17, 2005. Thirty mid-level state managers spent a good part of the day learning about the wonderful adventure upon which ... more

January 2005 - The Steering Committee Elections were held for Vice-Chair and Member-at-Large for 2005. Mike Travis ran unopposed for Vice-Chair. Brenda Apple, Melvin Jones and Patrick Merkel ran for Member-at-Large. ... more

August 2004 - The day all TGI alumni look forward to, is fast approaching; so circle October 26th on your calendar and make plans to attend this year´s conference. The TGI Conference will be held at the Downtown Library on October 26th. ... more

February 2004 - After a second election to break the tie for Vice Chairman, the results of the Steering Committee elections are as follows: for Vice-Chair, you have elected Chuck Holland and for the At-Large Member you have elected Carolyn Wilson. ... more