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2012 TGMI Committees

Charter Committee

Duties: Include responsibilities of past By-laws and Nomination committees

Chairperson Mike Travis
Steering Committee Liaison Marilou Cook
Membership Debbie Rivers
  Jon Zirkle
  Phyllis Hodges
  E. Ross White
  April Wright

Communications Committee

Duties: Include website management and newsletter development

Chairperson Debbie Rivers
Steering Committee Liaison Debbie Rivers
Alumni Database Vojin Janjic
Membership Mike Travis
  Class Reporters  

Class Reporters

Year Class Reporter  
2012 Jeni Brinkman
2011 Dawn Taylor
2010 Candice Williams
2009 Melinda Crutchfield
2008 I April Wright
2008 II Donna Morin
2007 Summer Cynthia Greene
2007 Fall Edwin Mimms
2006 Lisa Walker
2005 Beth Pugh
2004 Patsy Grooms
2003 Don King
2002 Mike Travis
2001 Donna Duarte
2000 Chuck Holland

Community Service Committee

Duties: Include proposing and implementing alumni community service projects

Chairperson Jon Zirkle
Steering Committee Liaison Jason Conner
Membership TBA  

Events Committee

Duties: Include duties of Hospitality and Orientation committees - coordinating lunch-n-learn sessions and holiday breakfast

Chairperson Phyllis Hodges
Steering Committee Liaison Phyllis Hodges
Membership Melinda Crutchfield

Education and Leadership Development Committee

Duties: Include Fall Conference coordination and speakers bureau

Chairperson E. Ross White
Steering Committee Liaison E. Ross White
Speakers Bureau TBA  
Membership Melinda Crutchfield

Social Committee

Duties: Include proposing and coordinating social events for TGMI Alumni

Chairperson April Wright
Steering Committee Liaison April Wright
Membership Victor Barnes