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TGEI Steering Committee Members And Roles

The TGEI Alumni Organization is headed by an eleven-member steering committee. Each of the two most recent graduating classes elects two members for two-year terms. The general population elects four at-large members for alternating two-year terms. The Alumni also elect a chair and a vice chair from among nominated candidates. The past chair serves an additional year on the committee. Finally an ex officio member from the Department of Human Resources executive training staff serves as a liaison to the Department.

The Steering Committee is charged with planning annual events such as the Fall Conference and Holiday Breakfast, as well as planning for special events such as brown bag lunches and special celebrations.

Please click on the steering committee member's name to read a short bio.

2014 Steering Committee

Tammy Gennari
Past Chairperson
Class 2009
Luvenia Butler
Class 2003
Brigitte Tubbs-Jones
Vice Chairperson
Class 2012

Representative At Large

Patrick Ryan
Class 2011
Vicki Guye
Class 2011


2013 Members

Monica Middlebrooks
April Anderson
Vice President
Chris Padgett
Curtis Clan
Tammy Golden
Stephanie Dedmon

2012 Members

Valerie Nagoshiner
Selena Cunningham
Vice President
Amanda Snowden
Amanda Snowden
Julie Johnson

Ex-Officio Members

Dr. Gary Peevely
Director of the
Naifeh Center
Trish Holliday
Class 2010