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What We Provide

DIDD offers several different types of programs for persons with intellectual disabilities.
  • Family Support
  • Case Management Services
  • Home and Community-based Waiver Services

Family Support

The Family Support program is a community-based, state-funded program that provides assistance to families with a family member who has a severe disability. Some of the services provided through the Family Support program are respite care, day care, home and vehicular modifications, specialized equipment and repair/maintenance, specialized nutrition/clothing/supplies, personal assistance, transportation, homemaker services, housing costs, nursing/nurse aide, family counseling, recreation/summer camp, evaluation and training. This program is very flexible and other services may be provided based on the needs of the family.

For more information on the Family Support program contact the Family Support Coordinator in your region:

West 901-213-1872
Middle 615-884-1921
East 865-588-0508 Ext. 128
Statewide 615-532-6552

Case Management Services

Case Management services are available to people on the DIDD Waiting List. DIDD state employees will provide Case Management services and will provide persons with information about DIDD programs and services, provide assistance in completing eligibility application forms, gather information to assess service needs, connect people to generic community services, provide ongoing contact and assistance as needed and/or requested, and will refer people to advocacy organizations and support groups as needed and/or requested.

Home and Community-based Services Waivers

Medicaid Home and Community-based Services Waiver programs were developed as an alternative to services provided in an institutional setting and are the primary source of supports and services for people with intellectual disabilities who live in the community.

Examples of services which persons may be eligible to receive through the Home and Community-Based Services Waiver include:
  • Support Coordination
  • Residential Services (Residential Habilitation, Supported Living, Family Model Residential Support)
  • Day Services
  • Behavior Services
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Services
  • Nursing and Nutrition Services
  • Respite Services and Behavioral Respite Services
  • Personal Assistance
  • Transportation

Tennessee Self-Determination Waiver Program

The Self-Determination Waiver program offers services to persons with intellectual disabilities who have moderate service needs that can be satisfactorily met with a cost-effective array of home and community services that complement other supports available to them in their homes and community. In addition to Case Management services provided by DIDD, persons may be eligible to receive the following services through the Tennessee Self-Determination Waiver program:

  • Day Services
  • Behavior Services
  • Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy Services
  • Respite and Behavioral Respite Services
  • Personal Assistance
  • Transportation