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Support Coordination

Support Coordination shall mean case management services that assist the waiver participant in identifying, selecting, obtaining, coordinating, and using both paid services and natural supports to enhance the waiver participant’s independence, integration in the community, and productivity as specified in the waiver participant’s plan of care. 

Support Coordination shall be person-centered and shall include, but is not limited to, ongoing assessment of the waiver participant’s strengths and needs; development, evaluation, and revision of the plan of care; assistance with the selection of service providers; provision of general education about the waiver program, including waiver participant rights and responsibilities; and monitoring implementation of the plan of care and initiating individualized corrective actions as necessary (e.g., reporting, referring, or appealing to appropriate entities).  It shall also include at least one face-to-face contact with the waiver participant per calendar month. If the waiver participant receives a residential service, the Support Coordinator shall have one face-to-face contact with the waiver participant in the waiver participant’s place of residence each quarter.

Support coordinators shall be responsible for ongoing monitoring of the provision of services included in the individual's plan of care.  Support coordinators shall initiate and oversee the process of assessment and reassessment of the individual's level of care and the review of plans of care.

Applicable limits, if any, on the amount, frequency, or duration of this service: None


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