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Greene Valley

Volunteer Opportunities

A. Adopt-A-Friend Program

Groups or individuals “adopt” one or more individuals who reside at Greene Valley to remember them during the year at holidays, birthdays, and special events. Interaction with individuals is a plus which can be conducted through the reading of books, writing or reading letters, or just providing conversation.

B. Side-Kick Program

Children within the ages of 9-13 can participate in the Side-Kick Program. Volunteers will be under the direction of the staff and will participate in activities such as parties, recreational, and interpersonal activities. Side-Kicks will volunteer no more than two (2) hours daily during school holidays and summer vacation. However, the team leader and/or department head may extend the (2) hour limit at their discretion after written notification to the Volunteer Services Office. Other restrictions may apply according to assignment areas. Written permission from parent/guardian must be obtained prior to volunteering. Parents/guardians must realize that the Side-Kick Program is an active volunteer program and not a baby-sitting source.

C. Teenage Volunteers

Volunteers must be 14 years of age or older. Written permission from parent/guardian to volunteer must be obtained prior to volunteering. Volunteers cannot be on campus after 9:30 p.m. Teenage volunteers may volunteer more than 2 hours daily as designated by site supervisor.

D. Volunteers

Volunteers, ages 9 through 101, are always welcomed to our campus and many times can give the extra hands that are needed. The volunteers are encouraged to provide as much volunteer time as they can. Volunteers are assigned to areas that are conducive to the needs of the facility and to encourage the talents and interest of the volunteer. Volunteers work directly with the staff to enhance the program; they do not replace the staff.

E. Practicum Students

Students in various fields of study are encouraged to use the expertise of the professional staff at GVDC. High school and college advisors are invited to provide the opportunity for “hands on” learning and observation to their students. Schedules are directed toward the individual needs of the students and the professional staff at GVDC.

F. Volunteer Groups

Volunteer groups such as church choirs, home demonstration clubs, youth groups, civic organizations, etc. are encouraged to provide volunteer services to Greene Valley. Volunteer opportunities include entertainment, sewing, sponsoring of Special Olympics and the Very Special Arts Festival, and other activities and events that occur throughout the year. Arrangements of such activities are through the Volunteer Services Department, which can be contacted at: