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Case Management

The Waiting List

A person who requests services from DIDD will be assigned a case manager to assist them in the Intake process. In Tennessee, a person seeking our services must have a primary diagnosis of Mental Retardation with the onset prior to age 18 and will be asked to provide documentation to support this during the Intake process. While there are financial eligibility criteria for Medicaid Services, the DIDD does not typically seek this eligibility until the person is recommended to begin the enrollment process. Each person will be assessed and assigned a Category of Need by a DIDD Intake Case Manager. The assessment helps to identify persons in the most critical situations that need assistance immediately. The assessment will also identify those who do not need services now, but request to be on the waiting list for future enrollment. The category a person is in can change depending on life circumstances. Any time a change occurs and the persons needs have changed, the Intake Case Manager should be contacted for assistance.
Enrollment priority is given to persons with the most critical needs that have been assessed as a crisis.

Category of Need Criteria


The person needs services immediately due to the most intense needs WITH one or more of the following being met:

  • Homeless
  • Death or Incapacitation of ALL available caregivers
  • IMMEDIATE danger to self or others


The person needs services soon and meets one or more of the following criteria:

  • Aging or Failing health of caregiver and no alternate caregiver is available to provide supports;
  • Living situation presents a significant probability of abuse or neglect;
  • Increasing risk of aggressive or assaultive behavior toward self or others;
  • Stability of current living situation is severely threatened due to extensive support needs or family catastrophe;
  • Discharge from other service system (including but not limited to school, DCS, RMHI, Forensics) is imminent.


The person and/or conservator/guardian is requesting services as of now but does not have the intensive needs which meet the criteria for "crisis" or "urgent"

  • Requests services now, but does not have intensive needs which meet the urgent or crisis criteria


The person's need for services is more than one year away.


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