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Welcome to the DIDD West Tennessee Community Homes!

If "Home is Where the Heart Is" then DIDD is opening its doors wide! Arlington Developmental Center will close in March 2010 and all the individuals currently living there will move into a community setting. Some persons at Arlington require extensive medical and nursing support and supervision. Where will these individuals live?

Forty-eight of the most "medically fragile" persons at Arlington will reside in 12 state-of-the-art Intermediate Care Facilities for Mental Retardation (ICFs/MR) community homes DIDD is constructing. These homes, referred to as the DIDD West Tennessee Community Homes, will recognize the need for specific attention to life-safety issues; the persons living in them will be supported by caregivers, which ensure their living comforts.

Change is often viewed as negative because we would rather stay with what we know. Adjustments and wrinkles may have to be worked out, but when that is past, change can be seen as a good thing. Once you learn about DIDD' homes, you will understand how these residences will make a person's move into the community much easier.

DIDD opens its door now for you to know all about its West Tennessee Homes. After viewing the following material, if you have questions please do not hesitate to contact:

  • Lisa Guy, Deputy Director West Tennessee Community Homes
    (901) 745-7193