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Curb Appeal

While it is not really the intention, when it comes to appearance, DIDD is "Keeping up with the Joneses" with its West Tennessee Community Homes. All of the residences will have similar design details of the existing homes in the neighborhood; similar materials, style and scale. Every consideration is made to make the residences look integrated and appropriate in the community.

Check out some of the features:

Sidewalks and entry: Sidewalks will be a minimum of 60 inches wide and provide evacuation routes at doors. Family, friends and staff have access in the traditional manner through driveways and front entries, porches and carports or garages.

Parking: Every effort is made to make parking less intrusive. Parking for eight staff is provided.

Landscaping: Will imitate the neighborhood character and ensure curb appeal. Some fencing may be used, but kept to a minimum and also residential in character. No chain link fences.

Lighting: Adequate to provide for safety, but not infringe on neighbors. Lighting will be similar with the overall light levels of the area.

Trash containers: Two containers will be placed in close proximity to the rear entrance of the home and readily accessible. The containers will sit on a concrete pad and screened from the view of the street.

Amenities: Residents will be afforded every opportunity to participate in outdoor activities. The environment for recreation will be supported by wide walkways, walking trails, access to pavilions, gardens or lakes. Precautions are taken to eliminate any hazards.