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West Tennessee Community Homes

Currently, three homes are under construction and nearing completion. These residences will be ready for occupancy in January. Nine more homes will be built and DIDD is in the final stage of securing home sites. All 12 homes will be built within a four mile radius of what is now Arlington Developmental Center.

The goal is to provide a living environment that is residential in character, but contains the clinical elements to provide for an individual's functional and social needs. The homes will have as normal a setting as possible considering the medical and physical limitations of its residents.

Who are the individuals that will be living in these homes and how do they gain admittance? The persons who will reside in these homes are those that are considered "medically fragile." Included are individuals with feeding tubes and those who have tracheotomies, individuals with a history of frequent hospitalizations, those individuals who require respiratory therapy services and those individuals who require 24-hour nursing oversight.

A list of persons was established in February 2007 by Arlington doctors and staff. Letters from DIDD Deputy Commissioner Stephen H. Norris were mailed to their families in April of that year to inform them that their family member qualified or did not qualify for residency in the state-owned and operated ICFs/MR homes.

Each home will have a manager overseeing day-to-day operations. At least fifteen direct support personnel will cover three shifts which will provide three staff for every four residents. Individuals, who are physically involved, like those that will live in these homes, require more staff assistance and attention.

There will be a medical director for the 12 homes, who will have credentialing at the local hospital. This means that if a resident enters the hospital the medical director will have privileges at the hospital.

Each individual will also have a case manager who will be responsible for facilitation, implementation, and monitoring of an Individual Support Plan.