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DIDD will offer training for providers and DIDD employees on all phases of Project Titan. The Titan System will be implemented in phases and will have appropriate training for each phase accordingly. The curriculum profiles will outline a recommended path and approximate training time for the major stakeholder groups. The implementation of the training strategy is being developed and will outline the necessary considerations that include the target audience, learning content, and training environments; as well as, scheduling and delivering the system training. We will keep you updated on our progress here on our Titan website.

Training Update: 2-28-14
Titan "Train the Trainers" announced!
The Training Department for Titan would like to congratulate the persons selected to be the Train the Trainers (called T3) for each region. We appreciate the assistance from each region on the selection process. The T3's will have the opportunity of completing a training course presented by our contracted vendor, MicroKnowledge, in Nashville on "how to be a trainer" and will be trained on each phase of the Titan implementation. The T3's will be responsible for training the DIDD regional staff prior to each implementation date.

The training for the T3's and regional staff will be announced as soon as possible. We appreciate everyone's patience and flexibility with working on the implementation of Titan.

T3's by Region


  1. Mary Brinkley
  2. Janet Powers
  3. Vanassa Branch
  4. Vanessa K. Dunnick
  5. Tara D. Tucker
  6. Linda Hall
  7. Tiffany Johnson
  8. Stephanie Holmes


  1. Lynda Overholt (GVDC)
  2. Randy Carrigan
  3. Lorene (Lori) Kieffer
  4. Riki Spence
  5. Greg Voica
  6. Sandy Sledge
  7. Linda G. King
  8. LaKietha Jackson


  1. Nichelle Martin
  2. Toshiro Q. Goodman
  3. Andrew Drake
  4. Dorothy Piphus
  5. Stacy Weatherly
  6. Melissa Hafeli
  7. Eugene Bolton
  8. Amy Jackson


  1. Joyce Munda