Executive Leadership

  • Dimple Dudley
    Deputy Commissioner, Office of Child Safety

  • Debbie Miller
    Deputy Commissioner, Juvenile Justice

  • Sherri Hale
    Deputy Commissioner, Child Programs

  • Michael Cull, Ph.D
    Deputy Commissioner, Child Health

  • Jennifer Williams
    Assistant Commissioner of Quality Control

  • Doug Swisher
    Assistant Commissioner, Finance & Budget

  • Douglas E. Dimond
    General Counsel

  • Christina Fly
    Executive Director, Training & Professional Development

  • Russell Marty
    Director of Legislation

  • Martha Shirk
    Executive Director, Human Resources

  • Rob Johnson
    Director of Communications

  • Stuart Clements
    Chief Information Officer

  • Julie Rotella
    Executive Director, Service Region Administrative Support for Child Programs

  • Sandra Wilson
    Executive Director, Child Permanency

  • Jacqueline Moore
    Executive Director, Juvenile Justice

  • Carla Aaron
    Executive Director, Child Safety

  • Susan Mitchell
    Executive Director, Network Development

  • Rick Osgood
    Executive Director, Risk Management