Athletic Event Results

The Tennessee Athletic Commission
2017 Professional Licensed Events
The Tennessee Athletic Commission does not regulate the Amateur portion of the events
Date Event Type Location Event Name/Venue Results
1/14/2017 Pro-Am MMA Memphis V3 Fights 58 Results
2/11/2017 Pro-Boxing Chattanooga Saturday Night Fight Results
2/11/2017 Pro-Am MMA/Kickboxing Nashville Valor Fights 40 Results
3/17/2017 Pro-Boxing Nashville St. Patty Day Fight Results
3/18/2017 Pro-Am MMA Elizabethton Valor Fights 41 Results
3/25/2017 Pro-Am MMA Memphis V3 Fights 59 Results
3/30/2017 Pro-Am Boxing Chattanooga Shamrocks & Knockouts Results
4/15/2017 Boxing Chattanooga Boxing In The Ballroom Results
4/15/2017 Pro-Am MMA Newport Valor Fights 42 Results
4/22/2017 Pro-MMA Nashville UFC Fight Night 108 Results
5/4/2017 Pro-Boxing Chattanooga Nooga Rumbles Results
5/6/2017 Pro-Am MMA Clarksville Night of Explosions 2 Results
6/17/2017 Pro-Am MMA Memphis, V3 Fights 60 Results
7/1/2017 Pro-Boxing Chattanooga Saturday Night Fight Results
7/7/2017 Pro-Am Kickboxing & Boxing Johnson City StrikeFest Results
8/19/2017 Pro-Am MMA Bristol Bellator MMA & Bass Pro Shops NRA Night Race Results
9/2/2017 Pro-Am MMA Memphis V3Fights 62 Results
9/15/2017 Pro-Boxing Nashville State Fair Boxing Showdown 2 Results
10/7/2017 Pro-Boxing Chattanooga King of The Hill Results
10/21/2017 Pro-Am MMA Chattanooga Valor Fights 45, UMMAF --
11/4/2017 Pro-Am MMA Nashville Valor Fights 46, UMMAF --
12/8/2017 Pro-Boxing Nashville Fight at the Fairgrounds --


2017 Amateur Events
The Tennessee Athletic Commission does not regulate Amateur Events
Date Event Type Location Event Name/Venue Sanction
1/7/2017 Amateur Boxing Jackson Black Tie & Boxing ISKA
2/25/2017 Amateur MMA/Kickboxing Nashville Sk-1 Standup and Fight Series ISKA
3/3/2017 Amateur Boxing Nashville Ringside: A Fight For Kids Charities USA Boxing
4/21/2017 Amateur MMA Memphis Attitude MMA ISKA
4/28/2017 Amateur MMA Johnson City 50Fifty Fight Night UMMAF
4/29/2017 Amateur MMA/Kickboxing Dickson Warriors Den Fighting Championships VI ISKA
Amateur MMA Elizabethton UMMAF 2017 National Championship Tournament UMMAF
6/16/2017 Amateur MMA Johnson City 50Fifty Fight Night 2 UMMAF
6/30/2017 Amateur MMA Maryville Fight Night at The Shed UMMAF
7/22/2017 Amateur Kickboxing/MMA Nashville SK-1 ISKA
7/28/2017 Amateur Kickboxing/MMA Memphis Attitude MMA ISKA
8/12/2017 Amateur MMA Bristol VFW Fight Night: Under Siege UMMAF
8/19/2017 Amateur MMA Murfreesboro Jonathan Ivey’s Cage Fighting Championships 2 ISKA
9/8/2017 Amateur MMA Johnson City Valor Fights Presents: Cage Fight @ The Cowboy UMMAF
9/22/2017 Amateur MMA Memphis Attitude MMA Fights X ISKA
9/29/2017 Amateur MMA Clarksville Angel Fight Promotions Presents EXPLOSION ISKA
9/30/2017 Amateur K-1 Kickboxing Nashville American K-1 Kickboxing: Team USA vs. Team Canada WAKO USA
10/16/2017 -10/21/2017 Amateur Boxing Chattanooga USA Boxing Eastern Elite Qualifier & Regional Open Championship USA BOXING
10/28/2017 Amateur Kickboxing Nashville Sk-1 Standup and Fight Series 3 ISKA
11/11/2017 Amateur MMA Bristol VFW Fight Night 2 UMMAF


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  • 2016 Professional Licensed Events
    Date Event Type Location Event Name/Venue Results
    1/23/2016 MMA Memphis World Series of Fighting 27 Results
    1/30/2016 Boxing Knoxville Saturday Night Fights 6 Results
    2/13/2016 MMA Knoxville Valor Fights 30 Results
    2/27/2016 MMA Chattanooga Valor Fights 31 Results
    3/12/2016 MMA/Kickboxing Clarksville Night of Explosion Results
    3/19/2016 MMA Kingsport Apex 10 Results
    4/29/2016 MMA Knoxville Valor Fights 32 Results
    5/7/2016 Boxing Chattanooga Battle in Scenic City Results
    5/14/2016 MMA Chattanooga Valor Fights 33 Results
    6/04/2016 MMA/Kickboxing Cookeville Valor Fights 34 Results
    6/18/2016 Boxing  Johnson City Saturday Night Fights 7 Results
    6/18/2016 MMA Memphis V3 Fights: Sanders vs. Anders Results
    6/25/2016 MMA Gray Valor Fights 35 Results
    8/6/2016 Boxing Chattanooga Saturday Night Boxing Results
    8/13/2016 MMA Gatlinburg Valor Fights 36 Results
    8/27/2016 MMA Cleveland Valor Fights 37 Results
    9/17/2016 Boxing Nashville State Fair Boxing Showdown Results
    9/24/2016 Boxing Johnson City Saturday Night Fights 8 Results
    10/21/2016 MMA Memphis Bellator MMA 162 Results
    11/5/2016 MMA Nashville Valor Fights 38 Results
    11/5/2016 MMA Clarksville November To Remember Results
    11/19/2016 MMA Nashville V3Fights: Hughes vs Castaneda Results
    12/2/2016 MMA Knoxville Valor Fights 39​ Results
    12/3/2016 Boxing Johnson City Tri-Cities Championship Boxing Results
    12/8/2016 Boxing Chattanooga A Pro Debut Of Roger The Hitman Hilley Results


  • 2015 Professional Licensed Events
    Date Event Type Location Event Name/Venue Results
    1/10/2015 MMA Blountville Valor Fights  
    1/17/2015 Boxing Johnson City Bang Bang Boxing  
    1/24/2015 MMA Memphis V3  
    1/31/2015 MMA Pigeon Forge Valor  
    2/21/2015 MMA Nashville V3  
    2/28/2015 Boxing Memphis PrizeFight  
    3/  /15 Boxing Nashville Boxing  
    3/14/2015 MMA Greeneville Valor  
    3/14/2015 Boxing Johnson City Bang Bang  
    3/28/2015 MMA Chattanooga Valor  
    4/11/2015 MMA Knoxville Valor  
    5/9/2015 MMA Blountville Valor