Advanced Crash Investigation

Date(s): August 21 - September 1, 2017
Start/End Time(s): 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m. each day

Tennessee Law Enforcement Training Academy
3025 Lebanon Pike
Nashville, TN  37214

Instructor(s): Dale Farmer
Rachel Gober
Todd Christian

This eighty (80) hour course is designed for those officers who wish to enhance their knowledge and skill level in relation to crash investigation far beyond that of a first responder.  The content of this course significantly extends the learning curve beyond what is offered in the Basic Crash Investigation course, yet follows that course in direct succession.

The death of an individual in a motor vehicle crash is no less important, painful or traumatic on family members than a person who may have been killed in a robbery.  Each requires a thorough investigation.  After years of accepting motor vehicle crashes as “accidents,” police departments are now training more officers in the skills necessary to investigate crashes that lead to serious physical injury or death just as they would at any other crime scene.

In this course, the students will begin with a mathematics review and then delve into:

Acceleration/Deceleration Calculations
Advanced Measuring/Diagramming 
Airborne Equations
Basic Physic Concepts                   
Calculation of Impact Speeds
Conservation of Linear Momentum
Light Examinations                                                   
Newton’s Laws of Motion                            
Occupant Protection Devices
Perception & Reaction Times                                               
Time & Distance Studies                                          
Vector Analysis
Vehicle Damage Analysis
Visibility Assessments                                              

Hands-on activities will test the student’s knowledge and provide an opportunity for skills application under real world situations.  This class is a requirement for those individuals wishing to advance to Crash Reconstruction.

Fee(s): $875.00
Length: 80 hours
Prerequisites: Must have completed an 80 hour Basic Crash Investigation course, or its equivalent.
Materials: n/a
To Register:

Registration for the class is through

For room and board at TLETA, please contact Kim Moss at or (615) 741-8344.

Other Notes: There is a maximum of 30 students for this class.