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Volunteer Opportunities

Looking for meaningful, fulfilling volunteer opportunities? We have those available all across the state! Keep reading to find the one that's right for you.


SHIP (Medicare Counseling)


What is this program?


The Tennessee State Health Insurance Assistance Program (SHIP) is a statewide program that provides free and objective counseling and assistance to persons with questions or problems regarding Medicare and other related health insurance.


What do volunteers do?


As a SHIP volunteer, you will help people understand their Medicare and Medicaid benefits. Training is available across the state.


Who do I contact?


Contact Sidney Schuttrow at or 615-741-1585.


Long-Term Care Ombudsman


What is this program?


The LTC Ombudsman program provides free assistance to elderly Tennesseans residing in nursing homes, homes for the aged, assisted care living facilities, and adult care homes. An Ombudsman is available to help residents and their families resolve questions or problems and will advocate for solutions to problems for qualified residents of long-term care facilities.


What do volunteers do?


Trained volunteer representatives of the Office of the State Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program visit residents in nursing homes or other long-term care facilities and establish a regular presence in the facility. They provide information about resident rights, quality of care, and quality of life to both residents and family members.


Volunteers also observe conditions, advocate for residents, and handle simple complaints. Volunteers are the eyes and ears of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program and are rewarded by knowing that their presence can make a difference in the lives and care of long-term care residents.


Who do I contact?


Contact Laura Brown at or 615-253-4392.


Public Guardianship


What is this program?

Public guardians, also known as conservators, help people over 60 who can no longer help themselves. The person needing help may be unable to make decisions about money or medical care. They often need help with basic needs.


What do volunteers do?


Volunteers enhance the quality of life for our clients. Activities may include regular visitation, shopping or shopping assistance, sending out birthday cards or holiday cards, filing and clerical work, or returning phone calls from clients. Volunteers use whatever skills they have to make life better for vulnerable adults.


Who do I contact?


Contact Jeanne Caudill at or 615-253-3967.


Last updated 04/07/15.

National Volunteer Week 2015: Thanks to Our Volunteers!

In honor of National Volunteer Week (April 12-18, 2015), TN SHIP/SMP would like to honor the men and women who have devoted their time to helping older adults and people with disabilities understand their Medicare benefits. These dedicated individuals have completed hours of training to better educate themselves to help their clients get the best healthcare available.


TN SHIP/SMP volunteers play many vital roles. They act as counselors, attend community events, write articles for magazines and newspapers, engage in outreach through social media, enter data, and assist with tasks in the office. These activities help TN SHIP/SMP not only achieve goals set forth by the Administration for Community Living, but more importantly are essential in helping the program reach as many people as possible.


Our program would not exist without the help of each and every one of you. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your time, dedication, and commitment to helping Medicare beneficiaries in your community.


For information on how to become a TN SHIP/SMP volunteer and who to contact about volunteer opportunities in your area, please contact Sidney Schuttrow, Statewide Volunteer Program Coordinator at 615-741-1585 or


Aaron Garst
Addie Guinn
Addrienne Alsup
Adrian Winfrey
Adrienne Wade
Alana Huddleston
Alesha Foxx
Alex Mink
Alice Gatlin
Allison Jones
Allison Phillips
Allison Maddux
Allison Thigpen
Amanda Evilcizer
Amanda Winstead
Amanda Scott
Amber Jacks
Amber Harvey
Amy Balentine
Amye Humphrey
Andrea Morrow
Andrea Finley
Angela Webb
Angela Leigh
Angie Gwaltney
Angie Hutchinson
Angie Morehead
Anna Baugher
Annie Maxwell
Anthony Anderson
April Lawrence
Arlene Faires
Arthur Bigham
Ashley Peterson
Barbara Robbins
Becca Summers
Belinda Bruns
Beth Williard
Beth Gandy
Bette Gordan
Betty Cook
Betty Scruggs
Blake Schoenbrodt
Bob Johnson
Bob Faulkenberg
Bob Himell
Bobby Ward
Bonnie Kross
Bonnye Griffin
Brandi Glasscock
Brandie LeBlanc-Clawson
Bren Nolan
Brenda Phillips
Brenda Joins
Bridgett Dempsey
Brittany Booker
Buffy Copeland
Candace Massie
Candi Douglas
Carol Samuels
Carol Wallace
Carol Rice
Carol Gill
Carolyn Browning
Carolyn Aronson
Casey Houpt
Cathy Jahr
Chantay Shye
Charles Walker
Charlotte Green
Chelsea Lafferty
Cherie Phillips
Chris Simmons
Christin McWhorter
Christy Gibson
Cindy Thrasher
Cindy Warf
Clara Kelly
Clare Farless
Cori Rayford
Cory Salyer
Courtney Millender
Courtney Deal
Craig Hodges
Cynthia Balfour
Cynthia Hembree
Dale Strong
Dan Schmitt
Dana Holmes
D'Anelle Desire
Daniel Rose
Danielle Rutherford
Darlene Cunningham
David Snyder
Deb Edwards
Debbie Thayer
Debbie Dial
Debbie McMullen
Debbie Smith
Debby Herbert
Dee Brown
Dee Gear
Deliah Frazier
Delores Walker
Delores Hare
Denise West
Diana Gallaher
Diane Schlaufman
Donna Williams
Donna Fields
Donna Odom

Dorothy Turner Montague
Earlean Chenault
Eileen Meseke

Elizabeth Whitmore
Emma Cox
Eric Wiseman
Eva Henderson
Evelyne Kornreich
Fairisetta Johnson
Faye Head
Felicia Green
Fran Davis
Frances Smith
Fredna Hodge
Gail Williams
Gail Rogers
Gail Branscum
Gail Golliher

Gary Onorati
Gary Bolduc
Gayle Wilson
Genie Guinn
Gertha Walker
Gladys Warren
Glenda Temple
Glenda Porterfield
Glenn McReynolds
Gloria Griffin
Helen Wilding
Hilda Hutcherson
Hollie Knight
Holly Carver
Holly Currier
Holly Williams
Hwesi Butler
Jackie Bogard
Jackie Bruce
Jaime Amer
Jami Brown
Jamie Canady
Jan Graves
Jana Huie
Jane Howes
Jane Luethke
Jane Young
Jane Wheeler
Janet Lamb
Jannette Payton
Jay Shah
Jean Harmon
Jeanne Carroll
Jeanne Crocker
Jeff Cavanaugh
Jena Mills
Jennifer Flaherty
Jennifer Jenkins
Jenny Dalton
Jenny Prince
Jessica Gregory
Jessica Pruett
Jim McCaleb
Jim Shulman
Joan Hagy
Joan Hoglund
Joan Johnson
JoAnn Lowe
Joanne Lord
Joe Douglas
Joe Birmingham
Joe Evans
Joel Underwood
John Earthman
John Ibanez
Jordan Banner
Jordan Summers
Jordan Manis
Joy McGraw
Joyce Kyle
Juanita Pierce
Judith Wolfsberger
Judy Roberson
Julia Church
Julie Webster
Julie Andrews
Julie Jones
Kaitlin Carlson
Kamela Easlic
Katherlyn Geter
Kathleen Kennedy
Kathy Hannen
Kay Sanders
Kay Springfield
Kelly Garland
Kelsey Bare
Kennettra Golden
Khanh Tran
Kim Roberson
Kim Miller
Kim Waldrum
Kristen Butler
Kristen Smith
Kristy Adams
Lakin Norris
LaNelle Godsey
Lara Bryson
Larry Turner
Laura Pounder
Laura Brown
Laurie Lankford
LaVerdia McCullough
LeAnn Pearce
Lee Ann Lewis
Libby Wise
Linda LaMastus
Linda Ross
Linda McDearman
Linda Maggart

Liz Whitmore

Loni Hitchcock
Lynda Tarkenton
Lynn Pennington

Maggi Bercaw
Marcea Marable
Marie Ferran
Marilyn Nathaniel
Marissa Wilson
Mark Singer
Marlana Williams
Martha Ray

Marty Donnelly
Meg Wolf
Megan Johnston
Melanie Kupfer
Michelle Robins
Mike David

Missy Fincher
Mona Owens
Nancy Caldwell
Nancy Parker

Nell Tanner
Norma Powell
Osborne Burks
Pam Wright
Pam Nelson

Pamela Williamson
Pamela Clarkson
Pamela Nash

Pat B. Ware
Pat Bryant

Patti Alverson
Patty Ray
Paul Hayaux
Peggy Ransom
Peggy Finger
Pete Henry
Rachel Jamieson
Rachel Horton
Raneem Mubaslat
Ray Daws
Reba Ward
Rebecca May
Rebecca Summers
Reginald Caldwell
Rita Moore
Rita Singleton
Rob Vincent
Rob Holbrook
Robin Rochelle
Rose Benson
Ruby Gilliand
Ruth Brock
Ryan Walters
Ryan Ellis
Sandra Smith
Sandra Johnson
Sandy Dimick
Sara Fowler
Sarah Blevins
Scarlett Martin
Shail Patel
Shannon Alsup
Shannon King
Shea Davis
Sheila Adams
Shelley Matthews
Sheri Bell
Shirley Dingess
Shirley Oakley
Sidney Lehman
Sonja Johns
Sonya Marbury
Staci Graham
Stasha Taylor
Stella Buchnignani
Stephanie Cherry
Stephanie Cox
Stephanie Butcher
Stephanie Cook
Steve Beasley
Steve Kesler
Susan Sloan
Suzann Kroll
Sweet Pea Moloney
Sylvia Kennedy
Tammy Mayes
Tara McDaniel
Teresa Westmoreland
Thelma Cooper
Timothy Benthal
Tom Williams
Tom Hannen
Tonia Moss
Tonya Lee-Johnson
Tracey Kendall Wilson
Tracey Davis
Tracy Buckles
Tracy Ardry
Trina Brown
Tyler Finocchio
Valerie Crawford
Vickie Green
Vicky Pilgrim
Virginia Watkins
Walter Winchester
Wanda Western
Wanda Simmons
Wendy Warren
Wendy Stewart
William Powell
Yuyun Rahmasari