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Breaking Ground

Photo of Breaking Ground artis issue magazine featuring a collage of photos of young children and infants with down syndrome laughing

Breaking Ground 2014 Arts Issue

Check out our most recent issue of our magazine "Breaking Ground", which features a variety of beautiful visual and written art pieces by and about people with disabilities in Tennessee. This issue was sponsored by the TN Arts Commission.


Articles include:

  • The Pujols Family Art Project
  • A Chattanooga Venue for Non-Traditional Art
  • Art for All 2014
  • Loneliness, Judgment and Hope
  • Talkin' 'Bout Art and Inclusion - about TN Council on DD and TN Arts Commission collaboration to host community conversations about improving arts venues and programs to be more welcoming to patrons with disabilities.


... And many beautiful paintings, drawings, photos, poetry and short stories by artists with disabilities.


View or download PDF here / Text-only version


Please also visit our archive to view past issues of Breaking Ground.


Breaking Ground Reader Survey

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