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Taking Part in the Process

Parole Hearings

Parole hearings are open to the public. Anyone may attend in support or opposition of parole. The parole hearing is held at the institution where the offender is housed. Hearings begin at 8:30 am local time, unless otherwise noted, and are held by a hearings official. However, if you're attending a parole hearing, you should plan to be at the prison by 8:00am, so you will have time to go through security and be seated before the hearings begin.

The hearing official will review offense(s) for which the offender is incarcerated, his/her past criminal history, institutional record, program participation, opposition, support and other pertinent information. The offender will be allowed to speak in his/her behalf. Members of the public in support or opposition to parole may attend and speak as well. At the end of the hearing, a recommendation will be made to either parole the offender or decline parole. The decision will not be final on the day of the hearing. Board Members reach a final decision after reviewing all materials from the hearing and casting three or four concurring votes, depending on what is required by state law.

Participation in Parole Hearings


Victims and Interested Parties will be notified by this agency if they have submitted a written request for such notification and marked the appropriate boxes. They must have furnished a current mailing address. They can be notified of the parole hearing date, the final decision of the Board and the offender's release on parole. Notification of the parole hearing date and time is mailed 30 days prior to the hearing.


The Board accepts various forms of opposition:

Victim Impact Statement: Available for victims and their immediate family members. electronically. The Victim Impact Statement gives the Board a description of the effects of the crime committed, the physical, financial and emotional effects on the Victim and Family Members.

To complete a Victim Impact Statement, click here.

(Please note: You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader software to use the above form. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat, click below for the free download.)

Link to Adobe Acrobat.

In-Person Hearing Testimony

Petition: This includes a brief paragraph containing the offender's name, TOMIS ID number and a brief description of the reason for the opposition, along with the signatures of those who sign. The address and phone number of those who sign are not necessary.

Letter of Opposition: This may be provided by appointment at a Board of Probation and Parole office near you. If you want to provide in-person testimony, but cannot attend the parole hearing, it must be scheduled and recorded at least two weeks prior to the hearing date. To schedule an appointment, call 1-866-795-7467.

A video tape may be submitted if:

  • The distance to the hearing is more than 200 miles.
  • Illness prevents you from attending.
  • Work commitments prevent you from attending.

  • Email Victim Services