The Tennessee Arts Commission offers a variety of distinct funding opportunities in the arts to serve diverse constituencies. Eligible applicants include:

  • Federal 501(c) 3 tax-exempt nonprofit arts and non-arts organizations or governmental organizations including units of government, schools, colleges, and universities.
    Colleges and universities are eligible only for activities that clearly serve the needs of surrounding communities or the state and are designed to involve a broad audience. Activities that are credit-producing or oriented primarily to university students and the academic community are not eligible. However, organizations whose projects primarily serve K-12 students are eligible to apply for Arts Education grants.​
  • Professional individual artists, arts administrators and educators. In some instances, individuals who are enrolled at the time of application and will be enrolled during the grant period in an academic or degree-granting program are not eligible.

Any question of eligibility should be directed to the Commission before the application is submitted. First time applicants MUST contact the Commission to discuss the proposed project prior to application submission. Contact Hal Partlow, Associate Director for Grants, at 615-741-2093 or

Grants are offered in the following program areas:

All applicants are required to read the Legal Requirements before submitting application.

  • Arts Access
  • Arts Education
  • Community Arts Development
  • Folklife
  • Literary
  • Performing Arts
  • Visual Arts/Craft/Media/Design

Grant categories include:

  • Operation Grants (MCI, CEP, PS)
  • Project Grants (SP, APS, RAPS, TA, AA, AAMG)
  • Arts Education Grants (SSTS, AE-AR, AE-CL, FAY, AE-MG, AE-TI, AE-TT)