TIMELINE FOR ROLLING GRANTS (more detailed instructions are below)

June 1: All guidelines and applications go live for the following fiscal year.
July 1: Grant Funds available for allocation. Each grant category has a limited amount of funds available every fiscal year.  Applications will be accepted and reviewed until all funds are depleted.
Grant Contracts:     Sign and return both signed contracts as soon as you receive them. First time applicants also must provide a W-9 and ACH direct deposit form.
Funds request: Rolling Grants are reimbursement grants, with the exception of TA/AA-TA grants. Fund requests and all closeout paperwork must be submitted NO LATER than 30 days after your project end date or June 15, whichever comes first.  This includes submitting final Request for Funds Form, Final Financial Report of Expenditures, Grant Evaluation Form, and documentation of Tennessee Arts Commission credit. 


Rolling Grant awards are announced by a Grant Award Letter or a Grant Award Email.  This notification contains very important information and instructions on how to manage your grant. Make sure to read it thoroughly and carefully as it contains the amount of your grant award.


The Commission will send you a Grant Contract Packet. The packet will contain two copies of the grant contract.  Sign both AND return both to the Commission.  First time recipients, to expedite the processing time of grant payment requests, sign the IRS W-9 form and ACH Direct Deposit Form and return with your contracts. In approximately 4-6 weeks, you will receive one of the contracts back with the required signatures. 


All rolling grants, with the exception of TA & AA-TA, are paid as reimbursements after the activity is complete. 

Once we receive both copies of your signed contract (and for first time recipients, the IRS W-9 form and the ACH Direct Deposit Form) you may then begin requesting grant funds.  Submit the documents listed on the Required Grant Management Form List.

Grants must be closed out no later than 30 days after the project ending date or June 15, whatever comes first. Closing out the grant in a timely and efficient manner is vital to your continued success as an Arts Commission grantee.  Your organization’s ability to manage grants, including turning in forms on time and documenting how funds are spent, becomes part of your funding history and is reviewed each time you submit a new application.  It’s important to future funding that your organization maintains integrity throughout the grants management process.

For AA-MG, AE-MG, SPECOP, TOUR & AA-TR recipients: Funds are awarded on a reimbursement basis.  This means that you will need to provide receipts documenting how and the grant award were spent. 

For PDS Recipients: Once you submit the Request for Funds Form and all of your receipts, your grant will be closed out.

For AE-TI Recipients: Funds are awarded on a reimbursement basis.  This means you will need to provide receipts documenting how the match and the grant were spent.  To request funds, submit: 1) An invoice addressed to the TN Arts Commission for the full amount noted in the grant award notification; 2) Receipts; 3) Proof of attendance (email, certificate of attendance, etc.).  AE-TI grantees do NOT submit a Request for Funds Form.

For TA & AA-TA Recipients: Funds are generally drawn down in stages.